Time Goes by….

Funny past, so quick to last,

What once was painful,

Now made me laugh,,

Good memories bring tears

Funny were my fears..

Easily crossed the obstacles

Easier one were hard to tackle

Funny past, so quick to last..

My first job, i was so excited about,

The girls i love, now i doubt,

Things which seemed so important

The results, the expectations

Now i can laugh it out

It all can change so fast.

Funny past, so quick to last,

Live in the now,

Live in the now,

they say it all, but its nature

To recall past and chase the future,

What in Now, will soon be past

Future will convert in Now, fast

Funny past, so quick to last,

Funny past, so quick to last,

Inspired from: http://strangersandpoetry.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/sweet-and-sour/

Restless Anyway

Tonight i am working late,

Cause it was gonna be

Restless Anyway,

So i am gonna kill some personal stuff,

Order pizza and crack the tough

Put some loud music on.

Watch the stars till they are gone

I have in past, slept a bit long

Probably little late

Now is the time to compensate

Dreams came to sight,

Than go away

I am now working late

Cause it was gonna be

Restless Anyway,


Enough of being the regular guy,

Life is mean, if you don’t try

You gotta ask, whats your.

Unless u take, it will go for sure.

You don’t give, what u earn

You don’t heal others, with your burn

Run, Hit hard, Run, Hit hard.

Don’t show, all your card

No sitting casual,

I am working hard,

Working my way

I am now working late

Cause it was gonna be

Restless Anyway.

This is how our love should have been…

Life has a new meaning, with you around,

And breeze is fresh, and mood is alive,

With you the time runs faster and I breathe slow,

Because this is the way love should have been,

And this is how much I am in to you.

People now see me as a lost bird,

And I don’t even seem to notice them.

What do they matter to me?

When my entire universe comprises you

And not even a tiny drop of water can accommodate

Because I am already so filled in with you.

You always complained of my been silent

And not showing love, then baby this is

My confession of love and I cannot help it

To be a little more than dramatic

And this is how much I am in love

And this is how the feeling drive in me.

This post is no all for my love,

But to start, a new chapter

Where I unleash what I feel for you,

How high and how low.

Let the nights fall and days grow,

While we move days and years,

Hands in hands, and eyes not shifting,

Because this is how much I am in love

And this is how our love should be.

Little dramatic, like the sets of a block buster,

Like you are my princess and I am your Knight.

Waiting for you is what I have done all in my life

And now is the time when I confess my love to you.

So take this ring and tell me,

That yes, you love me too, the way I am into you.

So we can dance, day and night,

Can move places and laugh and talk,

Like there is no one else, like there is no one around,

Only me and you, and only you and me.

Listen to the music this air plays, when you talk,

And there is music in your talks

Which is perhaps the sweetest melody I ever heard.

This is how much I am in love,

Because this is how our love should have been.


All that comes has to pass.

On dry land, with no hope.

Sowing crop like a farmer

Whose faith is thrust?

In god’s trust.

“No results” doesn’t de-motivate

As pain and glory

Come and rotate. .

So is the rain

Which wash the pain?

Growing crops of only hope. .

Rough land dwells tuff farmers

An Extra Hour- The 25th of the day

Read this for my personal secret of getting an extra hour in the day. How often you wonder, what if there was one extra hour in a day, specially when some dead lines are approaching. God grace, only if you would have got that one hour extra, you could have managed to get that tender, or not have missed that flight. Well yes, here i am giving you that one extra hour, the 25th of the day.

Keep away that newspaper: The time to freshen up in the morning is also the time we go through the daily news. This is E-Age and 85% of the news you see in the morning daily, is something you have already read in some online site. Reading is good, but the time could have been used for morning exercise or a small walk.

Read while you commute: If you drive to your offfice via some public transport or hired cab, this is the best time which can be allocated to reading your favorite magazine/newspaper or even make the daily planner. Sitting idle and looking in the emptiness of the environment is complete waste of that time you will miss in later stages.

Ration your stay on social websites: Being social is a wonderful thing, but to socialize on online platform without the limit of time, will get you thousand friends with no real meaning. Ration your time and allocate limited periods to these social platform.

Cell Phones are for your comfort not there: How often you receive a call, from someone you are not really interested in talking to. Well, don’t waste time in case you don’t want that person. Cell Phones were meant for your convenience not there.

Good night Planner:  To sleep and to be worried about a thing about tomorrow, is a very dangerous situation if put together. Plan your thing, rather then be worried about them. A day well planned is a day well lived. Mark your things, and then rate them to there priorities. Only then you will realize that more than half of the things you were worried about, are not even on your priority list.

Take new steps

Life has no authentic lessons to tell, unless you are doing your homework and making any effort to move ahead. A risk free life comprises of taking used steps, trying nothing new and playing same role everyday. How would you feel, it taught same nursery rhymes every day for years, in all the standards. Its no use of being afraid on trying new scripts, because on of these untried scripts can someday result in a block buster, which no body expected. Choose the path less traveled by, choose to climb the mountains and then skid back on roller shoes. Unless it killed you, it will be an experience to die for. A routine teacher will teach you what is written in the books, a day out of the books will tell you what there is, in real, inside the woods. Take chances, step ahead, do the unusual and get the unusual.

I carry u in me!!


After I finished “Addiction”. .

And yours “Magic of first glance”. .
It just turns my life over. .
No respite, I surrender, to your maneuver
Molded me the way, you wanted it to be. .
I can still feel you. . In your “Absence”
Coz I am carrying you in me. .
My mirror has your reflection. .
My soul is yours, in fractions. .
My roomy say, “I am insane”
“I may have a mirror mirage!!”
But even my shower gives your illusion. .
Why would I lie?
My eyes go shaky. Time is frozen. .
I draw you in pixels. .Often talks in whispers. .
Roll my fingers, softly, on the glass. .
Your lips move, Wanna say something. .
The pixels cramp, broken in boxes. .
Before I blink, you are gone. .
Still I carry you in me. .
How can I be alone?
You know!! When I move on streets!!!
No mob, People just freeze. .
Cupid breeze. . It’s like I am walking on the moon.
My fingers are often twisted. .
Probably holding you by fling. .
Burbling a love song I often sing. .
Enrique’s addiction or Eminem’s crime..
Many have sung it, many a time. .
But now I know!! What they feel. .
Others are so materialistic. .
They believe what they see. .
But I don’t care a bit. .
Coz I am carrying you in me. .
Your thoughts are my possession, Absurd obsession. .
I am forced to leach, into salty sea.
Thought I wasn’t meant to swim. .
Then is it your voice? That’s blowing me through!!
Coz I feel your scent, into water splash. .
Signaling, from the light house. . “On” and “off” in a flash. .
You are a gold fish. .I am an ordinary sailor. .
Distractions around me. . Are the “whale”
I will squeeze my love and safely sail. .
I will get you, alright!! We will meet…
Some people will say, “One boy drowned”
They are material, they will get my body. .
But my soul, it will be free. .
How can I loose you? I carry you in me..
How can I loose you? I carry you in me..
Writer’s note: yet another page from the ghost diaries. Last December, police found a dead body of a young man flowing in makarta beach. After investigation the file was closed as an accident. But some stories in newspaper says, it was the same place where that young boy lost his girlfriend a month back, and since then his mental state wasn’t stable. What u read above was written by same boy, just one day before the accident!!!

When i am sad… (Conversations)

7 Responses to My day Blogging

  1. Ha!

    I snuck into your poem in two pieces.
    I know I could do that!
    You rhyme the worlds questions of today.
    Everyone same question.
    Which time is wasted?

  2. soumyav says:
    and you shall thus rhyme in a way,

    where your dreams shall flow with you ..
    in a stream..
    filling your life with all joys..
    and bundles of happiness extreme…

  3. I have gone through that evolution,

    i grew from pupa to adult, i flew
    some heights i some how reached,
    though the glory of peaks were few,
    Soaked in rain, abrupt pain
    This worldly material, all new,
    sometimes, i wanna go back,
    from where i originate,
    Tired of fictions, this world creates.
    There is pain in this glory,
    The moon is crying,
    and the night is sorry.

Extraordinary times (The Memories….)

I see pics from the past and get amazed,
Its the blunder of a fashion, Mis placed
Even the spots we used to visit, seem so oridinary.
Money, no notes we had, only change
Even the clothes were borrowed.
It was quite a oridinary teenage,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraoridinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Time never comes back, it never will,
these 7 years seem like 70, and still
All grown up now, present bites.
We never used to worry,
About the next big dates of our clients.
Jobs, ya we worked even in those days,
Newspaper throwing, the part times.
The time i truly embrace as the time,
with heart, i used to rhyme.
Some of us are getting married.
Some are still after girls,
while others seem uninterested.
Grown ups, from that ordinary times,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraordinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Following is the link in case you want to see the times i am talking about:


What it is that i want form life?

My head has always been wondering as to,

what it is, that keeps me rolling, that makes me get up and feel an urge to run?

What it is that i want form life?

Obvious choices are one money and immediate second is fame with a lap of only few seconds. Money is to have a life style that we always wanted, and then fame to Live, even after you are dead. On bare reading this sounds a little mean to me, but if i be honest, most human on this earth would crave for this.

Want to see, if my mindset matches yours. Please give your opinion: