An Extra Hour- The 25th of the day

Read this for my personal secret of getting an extra hour in the day. How often you wonder, what if there was one extra hour in a day, specially when some dead lines are approaching. God grace, only if you would have got that one hour extra, you could have managed to get that tender, or not have missed that flight. Well yes, here i am giving you that one extra hour, the 25th of the day.

Keep away that newspaper: The time to freshen up in the morning is also the time we go through the daily news. This is E-Age and 85% of the news you see in the morning daily, is something you have already read in some online site. Reading is good, but the time could have been used for morning exercise or a small walk.

Read while you commute: If you drive to your offfice via some public transport or hired cab, this is the best time which can be allocated to reading your favorite magazine/newspaper or even make the daily planner. Sitting idle and looking in the emptiness of the environment is complete waste of that time you will miss in later stages.

Ration your stay on social websites: Being social is a wonderful thing, but to socialize on online platform without the limit of time, will get you thousand friends with no real meaning. Ration your time and allocate limited periods to these social platform.

Cell Phones are for your comfort not there: How often you receive a call, from someone you are not really interested in talking to. Well, don’t waste time in case you don’t want that person. Cell Phones were meant for your convenience not there.

Good night Planner:  To sleep and to be worried about a thing about tomorrow, is a very dangerous situation if put together. Plan your thing, rather then be worried about them. A day well planned is a day well lived. Mark your things, and then rate them to there priorities. Only then you will realize that more than half of the things you were worried about, are not even on your priority list.