A day without sun

This morning was sweaty. No signs of wind around. Day was dusky, unmoved. Everything seem so constant that you could actually count number of leaves on one branch of a tree. One thing differentiating the surround from a 360 degree panoroma shot to a live surrounding were the birds flying. Going to their pursuit of finding food. Venture for survival is what differentiate us all from the dead.

Quarter to 8 am it is not very usual and I see no signs of sun. Day has started, birds no longer coming to sight, and people leaving for their jobs. No sun around, makes me curious about can we live like that. After all it will be a bliss in these hot rising temperatures that no sun around to make us sweat.

It is not England where people are used to see days without sun. I hail from India, and it is summer time, when sun comes as early as 6 am and stays till late evening. Working hard, probably to teach us the value to work hard in order to shine longer.

No sun means relief in hot summer day. But I wonder why I was already missing it. It is something that has become a part of your life. And though we may not see much use of it other than the say light, it is actually the torch bearer to our lives.

A thought than crosses my mind. It is for all those people who touched my life, even a small part of it. I may not have loved you particularly, but your absence will be felt. I thank you to be a part of my story.