I v/s The Portrayed Me

Tied up professional, a nicely stitched Suit and well polished Shoes

Slow dead ring tone, over phone, Dead emotions for my darling Sue

The fake deadlines, and excel, self programmed, tabulated to time.

Tired of impressing this unseen society, living the portrayed image of mine,

I compromised with my thousands wishes, just to live by what is supposed of me,

This is perfection, with which it kills me, the crawling rules, and the society plea.

One day I will walk the longest road and climb the tallest tree.

One day I will track the mountains and swim the deepest sea.

I will go the limits that this society created and I will see,

What if I decide to break rules, what if I go, don’t adapt it?

Heard it again and again, the society won’t accept it,

So I will see it one day, what is it that society decides.

I have seen graces; I have seen the evils and Gods,

All I have never seen is the society which created both.

Whom will I fight, the Society or Portrayed “ME”

Both affect my thoughts, like they rule,

All this is because; this is what they teach in school,

A well mannered Gentleman in a Perfect society,

Only problem is they both are up in havens, with the mighty

I am not a gentleman; I am not schooled well,

To behave like one, who lives in society shell?

In autumn, the animals change their skins,

They become different from there Portrayed akin,

Summer probably saw them die, in winter, they come alive,

This is a start of a new me, a promise to see,

What is truly lay, across the longest road, up above the tall trees,

What if I tracked all the mountains, what if I swum the deepest seas,

What if I am not a gentleman, I am the usual stud,

What if I am an evil, suited nicely, and shoe with mud.

All I will be, will be me, and society will see,

And see the people, which used to haunt me.

And taunt, of staying in limits and giving me grin,

The Society, which never existed, will change skin.

I will change to “I” and not the portrayed “ME”