My day Blogging

It was a bright sunny day, and I wanted to rhyme,

Driving in style, little rash, as I was short on time.

Bike punctured, 5 km from office gate,

Boss was waiting, with files, as I was late


Murming, I went to the wash room,

And dusted off my dirty attire,

Come back and welcomed my boss’s satire,

“Learn to value time, wasting it is a crime”

I had to say sorry, all he said is, “Fine”


I scolded him quietly,

No voices in my horrifying shouts.

Well, after few irritating fights with excel cells,

I relaxed, to get over my boss’s yell.


Open my notepad, to write something cool,

Rolling me, my life, I feel like fool

I was unsure about what to write,

What a good topic can be,


I wanted to be funny and the topic is me,

What a wayward life it has been,

A girlfriend who always want time, disperse,

And no money for parents, which I can spare,

Clients are never happy, whatever I perform

I am in for a blunder, need major reform


So many issues, is there a fix?

Its time, once again, its dot on six

I fight with these thoughts, and look for a way

So I packed my bag and I was off for the day.

Crying in the Rain

What is being happy all about?

Who among us is in pain?

I have seen the rich crying,

Some poor laugh insane.

To laugh is not to be happy,

Pain sometimes makes you smile.

It’s something other, so special,

God and his unique style.

Comedians, they make us all, to laugh,

It’s a side of them, which covers the part.

Why is it, that the one with so many friends,

He is often the one, is often lonely at heart.

It’s a virtue which, the best comedians had,

They made us laugh, even when they were sad.

Best jokers were mindful, they were sane,

Had it not been true, why Charlie would had said,

That he liked to cry in rain.

Tears, they don’t follow a trend,

We cry at our best moments, nothing bad,

And we laugh out really hard,

When our heart is opposing, actually sad

What is it, then, means to be happy,

How is it feels to be esthetic?

May be it’s, about been in love,

May be its, to have fame,

May be a good job, or family,

Confused, is the nature of game.

Whatever it may be, Glory or the pain

It surely must be worth crying in the rain.

Miracles in life – The Eureka Moment

Do you want a miracle in your life?


Did you ever wish for eureka moment?


“Life is tough for everyone but people don’t seem to bother much. Why is it me that I have to take all the burdens and live with it, pretending to be happy and smiling all the time?”


If these are the thoughts which struck you often, this post is for you. 🙂


I came across a beautiful quote in one of the fellow blogger’s post. It goes something like that, ” A horse is known only to the pain it bear from his jockey and not the win, like the same way, if you feel pain in life, see is as God, giving those pain for a prize you are unaware about.”


Two ways to look at it:


a) There are no super natural things that are going to happen. We make our own destiny or spoil it, with our own efforts. Or,


b) Everything that happens in this life is super natural. It’s the blessing of the god that we walk, we eat, we see and we do, the stuff, which at first looks so ordinary but in fact are miracle.


I have always been an advocate of second school of thoughts. Think when you were a kid, each stuff that looks so normal to you now, used to amaze you. Did you ever think that you would be able to see in person and talk to a person thousand miles away from you? Or even listen to his/her voice. Keep apart the technology, God has himself given so many blessings, To see, To hear, To taste, To Smell and To move.


Beauty is in the eye of person watching. It’s just that we grow up, and we grow up so habitual to these nature’s virtues that we forget to thank god for all the blessings he has given to us. This post is not to put in any religious thought into your mind. Think of it this way,

God has given us with a Heart, to feel, what eyes cannot see, and what ears cannot listen to. And then he has given us with a mind, which calculates millions of combinations at a milli second that even a fastest of super computer is not capable of.


We must not see our life as a monotonous trail, but treat each passing minute as a blessing, as an adventure of journey, god has provided us with. Think, not like a man filled in with all worldly knowledge, but as a child, who see the miracle is growing of a tree, and get amazed when his sweet puppy jumps up in his lap and adore the charm of the moment. 🙂