You have it in you…


Shobha, 17 years old girl, busy with the house hold works in a hurry to wind up, before her house mistress arrives from market and scold her for not finishing up with the dish wash and other homely chores. This is how i knew her, when i saw her 3 years back in a village in Orissa. Life was tough on her, and for her age it was even tougher where the kin of your age are moving colleges, learning new things and enjoying life. But there was something about her which always fascinated me. She was not down for whatever happened in her life, she had that fighting spirit.

I met her yesterday. How? well i had to interview a young and energetic female, who was turning the fates of young poor kids, without a family, ensuring there education and a satiating meal for three times a day.

“How you managed to do that?” ,i asked.

“Well, for years we were working for others, day and night, and we were sure of, that we are not been paid in full. So what we changes was, instead of working for them, we gathered and started working for ourselves.”

That would not have been easy, is it?

“Definitely not. The biggest road block were we ourselves. Being poor takes away one thing from you, and that is your confidence. Kin won’t trust your idea. Reason is that they have accepted the life they are living in. To take a bold step in not in their blood any more. you have to convince them again and again, that this will work. It is everything but easy.”

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You yourself have been through all that. What was your turning point?

“There can not be one point which turned it around. Sometimes you just have it in you, the feel that you are here for a cause. I feel bad when i see people mis-treating small kids working in there homes, scolding them for mistakes they are not responsible for. We talked at night, about how wrong our masters/mistress were and how is it that we can come out of it. Thus it was a chain process which worked up after years of sharing pain, and thus this happen.”

So how is it that you guys work, and do you have fun in it?

” Fun, yeah, a lot more than what we used to have in our past lives. Well, we are touching a hundred now. Village people have been kind enough to offer us space to live and study. We work in shifts and study at other times. Thinking is up for a shift. Our old mistress use to visit us and feel very happy for what we have achieved. They often feel sorry for mis-treating kids earlier. Life is much better now.”


Hmm, Shobha has managed to do what many of us could not have been able to do, despite the knowledge and resources that we have. Right said, miracles occur out of adversity. And to do thing like she did, one thing is required, You must have the trust, that YOU HAVE IT IN YOU……