Where i belong (Still Searching)

Some times i read my own posts and laugh,

Sometimes i don’t understand what i wrote,

Spell checks and grammar, it all went wrong,

This is what i rhyme, that’s where i belong.


It is tough to speak your mind, each time.

Not all sketches go up to the mark.

Sometimes best singers sung that wrong,

So even if the posts were vague, wayward,

This is what i rhyme, that’s where i belong.


Some nights, it didn’t let me sleep,

Some mornings i wake up, pleased.

Sometime i force myself to write,

Sometimes the ideas come on their own,

No matter how i write, what i write,

This is what i rhyme, that’s where i belong.

Trying to Rhyme… ;)

Trying so hard, working to rhyme,

looks like my mind isn’t working fine

Coz, i used to do it better ,

I even rap in some of my letter

and now its so gone, like a thorn

from  a king, of Troy, or Rome.

No big words, My writing stinks,

Chorus is bad, mood is pink

less likes on the blog, No visits , No follow

No appreciative comments, for days to glow

Up till last autumn, few girl were impressed,

now ever friends don’t stop, i am depressed

Please Please Please, Help!!  oh mighty thy,

give me some sense to rhyme or i start to cry

Its my only way to impress some chick,

else i will die, single, no one to pick

Money comes later, i have none of it,

Please help me rhyme,

At least one of it!!!