The Child At The Station

Kid at the railway station

He is naughty and crazy, loud and sport..
He has coped with the situation, hard he fought
He sell tea to passengers, and sell hope..
Keep running from here to there,,
Don’t mess with him, shout on him if u dare..
Has no family, but has friends,
lots of them, he call it a gang,,
life finds its way, out of adversity,
beauty from dirt, pretty or witty…
He is not alone, thought have the pain
At age 10, he surely is sane
Earn his living, though no school..
Speaks witty English, and think it is cool..
He may not be well of, has not taken defeat..
His face still have a smile, heart has a beat
It is how he will grow, this generation,,
He is, The child at the station.



Inspiration form