Life is looking through that window.

Positive Thinking , I Think I Can , No Negative Thoughts

No Negative Thoughts allowed.

Life sneaks through the little windows, when you thought all the doors were locked. It’s a “Cat and Mouse” show, where troubles will often find your address but the solutions will always be hard to cross by. Time will be limited and life will be exhausting. Things start to look like slipping out, a train which you just missed. Running behind one, won’t serve, you got to take alternate roads.

Salaries are not increasing; you weigh a lot more than your previous birthday. Face may have a few wrinkles, and you started to dye your hairs since last summer. House you always wanted to buy, is a lot more expensive now and your dream car is just been off lined by the company. Job struck, or relationship failure whatever it could be, life is really tuff. Think about the magician who built a ship inside a tine headed bottle. How did it get in here? We always asked the question.

Hmmm, one stick at a time, and these stick form a magnificent structure.

Focus on the eye of the fish. Distractions will be there. Walls will be high, not because he doesn’t want you to enter. But to make sure that you have that perfect will which is required, to get to the other side of the wall. Don’t think now, once you have the eyes set. Go for it, as the early bird always gets the price. The penguin that jumps the first will always get the biggest fish.

Struck, is the common most position and it is not because someone stopped you from moving, but is because you wanted to rest. Do not take chances, it might be risky, the instinct told you.

Yes, it will be risky. And the biggest of the risk is exhausting without taking any chances. Played safe, make secure all the money you have got, than one day, it’s all over. The money all that you saved, some people will start to fight for, because you are not there anymore.

Don’t let this happen. It’s today, when sun is the brightest. It’s today, whey you are the youngest, for the rest of your life. Spend little money, from your “Big Dream” savings, to buy some little joys. Gift your parents, donate a needy. Go on that trip that you are planning since long. Go workout, for the body that you deserve. Ask her out, she might just be waiting for you to ask. You never know what life was planning for you from that little window, when you were looking hopelessly towards that closed door.

loving yourself (Post a day)


7:00 A.M, 11th June 2013

Morning are good and peaceful, no matter to which age group you belong. Freshness in the air brings in so much of positive energy that every part of your body feels strengthen up. Read about the concept of “the land of a billion sparks” in Chetan Bhagat,s novel yesterday. And isn’t it beautifully defined the craziness of childhood, and how it usually gets stole by the tensions, pressure, competition of the daily life. Also comes to mind is the movie 3 idiots, thanks to Chetan Bhagat once again.

Life is like a race, and we all are a part of it. So true is this notion in present world. We are trained and brought up in this manner only. The will to progress is so strong that we want it at any cost, no matter if that involves putting a step on someone else’s shoulder.

Satisfaction is a blessing and it’s hard to achieve in present world. People don’t feel settled even at the age of 30. Average age of marriage has risen. Metro cities bear the burden even more. It’s like an induction cooker, and we don’t allow the pressure to release some way, it’s going to burst out, and the resulting picture won’t be that good.

What’s the remedy?

We got to look out for the traditional ways. Meditation helps, and so does yoga.

When was the last time you were engaged in any form of physical exertion? Look at the chubby skin leaning out of your fat tummy. Have you make love to your-self lately.

If you are about 30, than the answer to most of the above questions will be “No”

And here lay the problem. And the solution too.

As we grow up, we get so much engaged in worldly woes that we stop to love our selves.

All we need is to realize this self-love and take some steps to pamper our-self and feel the joy of being in love once again.