What truth is?
Why is it sour?
Why there has to be
A right time,
To say it all
Or to hold more.

To tell an act,
An incident
Is not truth
It’s only a fact,
that is true.
Than what is truth?
Why is it sour?

It takes gut, and carries brave
The fear of results,
How will someone respond
Might get hurt,
Or the relationship fall

To have that fear,
And still be brave
To state the fact
Is what makes it

The “fact”  alone, is not truth
But to have that fear
and still be clear
Is what makes you true.

Source: Bhaagvat Geeta

This is a City of dead emotions, People smile on the face but cry inside.

Zombies walk around. .

With broken hearts

And frozen minds. .

The city is filled

With millions of love stories

Starving incomplete. .

Hearts beats,

But with no feel. .

Men are living dead. .

Show no zeal. .

Girls are just as pretty

As they could be. .

Though the eyes are sad. .

Its the city of love. .

Where zombies walk. .

Living dead. .

Time Goes by….

Funny past, so quick to last,

What once was painful,

Now made me laugh,,

Good memories bring tears

Funny were my fears..

Easily crossed the obstacles

Easier one were hard to tackle

Funny past, so quick to last..

My first job, i was so excited about,

The girls i love, now i doubt,

Things which seemed so important

The results, the expectations

Now i can laugh it out

It all can change so fast.

Funny past, so quick to last,

Live in the now,

Live in the now,

they say it all, but its nature

To recall past and chase the future,

What in Now, will soon be past

Future will convert in Now, fast

Funny past, so quick to last,

Funny past, so quick to last,

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Just about Anything

Problem with maintaining a blog is!

That you can not rhyme every time… 😦

After months of not writing anything ,

Its today, i pledged, to put something

Or Just about anything.. 🙂

Amateur it feels, to spam a blog,

Which i loved, more than my dog

How can i write , just about anything

without being sure about it.

For every “like” gives me a small push,

Every “Comment” takes me to a new High.

And here i am, empty mind, ahh Sigh!!

Every new visit feels like special

Like guests to our new house

And now i am going to post,

Well, just about anything.. :/

You have a say, to like it or not

Or should i put here, an option to “VOTE”

And wait, will you even bother to read,,

and reach till the end….

Coz, if not, than should i even bother?

For a creative climax, or a surprising bend…

Forget it, you won’t even notice that i repeated a line

Trying to impress, but failing to rhyme.

This might be a stupid post, it tested factually,

but for a rebirth, its not bad!!! actually.. 😛

my canary. .

Canary BirdI heard about a canary bird,
They say it’s a good luck charm.
My friend, you look like the one.
Sweet yet crazy, naughty yet calm.
Lets nail the sun, open your arms.

A try to recall the dying writer

No blog post for long, pressure from work and from home. This has placed me far, from my favorite war, war with words, to differ from the herds. so here came i, to give another try. It may sound pathetic, and make no sense, but it has to come, from the dense, so that i could see the dawn….

Writer crawling, from within skin,

Kicks up often, to ask for run,

To cover up distances, bridge the gap,

Woke me from my power nap, with a shock,

Don’t be a slumber, it’s time to rock,

It won’t last for long,

Days grow quickly, then the dark starts,

Trees fall in autumn or shred their parts.

Leave some mark, which glow in dark

Like the star, visible from far.

Confused thoughts,

Who can sew them up?

Just the fail, a lover’s mail

To the girl of his dreams,

Nice, she seems, play clever

The logic is hard, what’s on the cards,

Who know, people grow and act sharply?

Money matters a lot, poor are nice they thoughts,

Thoughts don’t feed them up,

So they screw, steel the clue, fight the destiny, or die,

Show your make or cry,

It’s a war anywhere you see, no excuses, no plea,

Hit it or beat, fight for bread or meat,

Grow grow and grow more,

Tie up your tiny chores,

Because there are bigger fights to be won,

No places to run

A writer has to write, as a fighter has to fight,

Sense or not, enemy or thought.

They come and die, the looser cry.

The writer craws, from within skin,

Its time high, to realize,

What’s your make?

What’s your akin?

This is how our love should have been…

Life has a new meaning, with you around,

And breeze is fresh, and mood is alive,

With you the time runs faster and I breathe slow,

Because this is the way love should have been,

And this is how much I am in to you.

People now see me as a lost bird,

And I don’t even seem to notice them.

What do they matter to me?

When my entire universe comprises you

And not even a tiny drop of water can accommodate

Because I am already so filled in with you.

You always complained of my been silent

And not showing love, then baby this is

My confession of love and I cannot help it

To be a little more than dramatic

And this is how much I am in love

And this is how the feeling drive in me.

This post is no all for my love,

But to start, a new chapter

Where I unleash what I feel for you,

How high and how low.

Let the nights fall and days grow,

While we move days and years,

Hands in hands, and eyes not shifting,

Because this is how much I am in love

And this is how our love should be.

Little dramatic, like the sets of a block buster,

Like you are my princess and I am your Knight.

Waiting for you is what I have done all in my life

And now is the time when I confess my love to you.

So take this ring and tell me,

That yes, you love me too, the way I am into you.

So we can dance, day and night,

Can move places and laugh and talk,

Like there is no one else, like there is no one around,

Only me and you, and only you and me.

Listen to the music this air plays, when you talk,

And there is music in your talks

Which is perhaps the sweetest melody I ever heard.

This is how much I am in love,

Because this is how our love should have been.

Victims of Dark….

you crashed like a shoot of bullet. . Pinned straight in my head. .
paralyzed like a stone. . A glimple of you. . I am Stunned. .
You were plunged in. . my respiratory system. .
Making it hard to breathe. .
It felt like a cancer. . Degree four. .
This pain is reliving. . I want it more. .
Its my love. . And its grey. .
And i am falling. .
You were a predator.. I am just a prey..
Your leather studded jacket. . Seem so vigor. .
Like a viper. . Fetching my inner strengths. .
Squeezing my skin. Freezing my blood. .
Make me fail to stand. .
I am lying in the middle of street. . Cops think, I am drunk. .
I snort you smell. . Its vibrant. .
I am breaking few laws. .
Trying to ram your windows. .
Because the curtains are like fading my senses. .
Bullying me. . Leaving me uncontrolled. .

Lets walk far…

walk in love

See you, I, over the bar,

With lust in my eyes and just in my attitude,

Passing signals like I was the stud of the bar,

With my Rolex watch and rolce car.

So as I offered a drink, sending in the bar guy,

There you looked in my eyes,

Straight and I know why,

I was into you and you were mine,

Or probably looking for options

Since you dumped number nine.

Listen me babe, I knew in your eyes,

There you have it,

A me, a you let’s give it a try.

You met me late or I grew a bit fast,

Whatever be the reason, won’t miss on now,

Walk together till we grow,

As old as grandparents,

So I will tell my kids,

Never shy away

From that girl in the bar,

Because that is the trick,

We have you all,

Lets grow in love and

Let’s walk far…