Its a Market and u r the trade…

Parties are to dance to drink,,see who’s a better dance,,

roads are to race in tiny street, show it, when you get a chance,, 

bikes de-trail the walkers,car de-trails the bikes. 

Everyone is moving faster, ,to sell, buy what they like,, 

Its a market,,and you are the trade,Try hard, to get best price..

Its one hand for another,,Who says the barter dies.

People are up for the toss. 

Some body’s gain,,some body’s loss..

You sell, i buy,, i buy you sell,,

its a deal, every second, each day..

employees sell to bosses,,bosses to client,,

dudes sell to darlings,,darlings sell to shop..

a beggar needs a meal,,a loser needs some hope..

Some where some how, every one of us is for trade 

Parties are to dance to drink,, see who’s a better dance,

roads are to race in tiny street, show it, when you get a chance,, 

Blogging to Writing….

Blogging is a Journey, a transformation fro being an immature tinker to a professional writer.

While reading other blogs, i find it most comman, that the writer at the blog is either a professional writer, or is aspiring to be one. Writing is an addiction, which though takes so much of time to infect, but once infused, the person will keep on craving to create something, provide something to the society, which satiates his personal goals. While is it obvious that the seed to develop a writer is already infused in the person, i believe that wordpress hepls us too, to develop the need to write. I love the onelines which comes, when we publish our post and this yummy “Your next Target is” Screen occurs.

I have developed a habit to copy these one liners and post them into my twitter account, so that i can read them later and feel motivated to write. I would like my fellow blogger also to get benefit out of these one liners, so here is a list of Word Press’s One Liner peice of motivation:

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.
Steven Wright

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.
Blaise Pascal

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.
Jeff Jarvis

The desire to write grows with writing.-
Desiderius Erasmus

Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.- –
Truman Capote

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.-
Phyllis Theroux

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. –
W. Somerset Maugham

Writing is a struggle against silence.

Carlos Fuentes
Hope you liked my collection. Stay Blessed.