Pearls Of Life…. (A Small Story)

Should i paint the canvas of life,

and the color of paint be color of “Joy”

living in the outskirts, my hero of the para, a 20 yrs boy.

They call him “chotu”, serving them tee…

His deeds are BIG, supporting familee…

haven’t seen a school, though he wanted to read books…

But abba’s drinking, the younger once, the money and other hooks…

They made him mature…. and over his age…

in last 8 year, he has seen a life passage…

so our “chotu” be strong… be the back of his mom..

he has a decision to make..don’t you wonder “why”

All i wish to GOD!!! to grant him some “Joy”



Should i tune the strings of guitar called life,

and the tune i generate, be the tune of “Romance”

Partying at night, a 27 yrs old boy,

my hero of the para, somewhere in France…

He just purposed a girl, and she has said “oweee”

The life charmed over, he feels so free..

holding hands, and hugging.. in a relation so dense..

its a new new feel, that he had,,, like a fragrance..

So, in the party lights, and drinks, he go on to dance..

All i want from GOD,, to bless his “Romance”



Should i sing the oprah of life…

and the vocal i raise, be the vocal of “Hope”

My hero of the para, running out of time, at 52, drop by drop..

He is no short of money, has his own home..

but the wife s no more, son is abroad, he is all alone..

with shaky eyes, all he want, is to see his son…

for one more time,, “I Love You Kid”, want to mention…

May the son make it in time, from that place in Europe..

All i want from GOD, to give him a ray of “Hope”



Should i be not writing this rhyme of life,

and this not be my rhyme…

The villain of the story, is me,

and this rhyme of mine…

The agony lay as under, and its pathetic for sure..

A “Father” needs “Hope” or a cure , to kidney failure..

The son is in France, a new love to lure..

Its “chotu” who could save the “Father”

selling kidney, make money, and be the family man…



Oh shit!! should i write ahead… it was not as i plan…

These were some pearls,or the colors of rainbow call life..

which i had to sew…

“Chotu” sell the kidney, or son give up the romance..

or its father , to give up the hope…

its a dilemma to decide… and i leave it up to you..

Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

young boy , sea , sand

Far ahead, where i can see

It ate the sun, so vast is “SEA”

I have a  “prone to sunk” broken boat,

Accompanying  my wayward thoughts.

These marks i have left on the sand

soon they will dis appear

so will be the anxiety, and my fear.

i have a sea to cross..

but let me feel my feet first

it would be dark, till i reach,

because i have whales to face

and i have waves to breach,

the sand is dusty, path is rusty

but i am born to win..

i have a sea to swim..

Coming Back Home

Dad I didn’t jell up well, loved you mom

For money I moved out, changed Zone,

Had fun with girls and drinks, still alone

It’s a cruel world and I am coming home.


I visited once, to the nearby market,

It was full of people, and no one I know.

I am not a kid now, but a man, mid twenty,

Still I miss the days when you warned me,


Not to talk to strangers, because they are bad.

Strangers are all I know, “friends” once I had

Now I know people, I do business with,

But they just want me to sell,

Feel so lost and sometimes I yell,


I tried different girls, jobs were always hectic,

Targets were almost set, to kill me at it

Will cut budget to save money on that “Big Car”

I don’t like the food here; I iron my own scar.


I am surrounded by jungle, all dust

Malls, theaters, office, box of concrete.

Yes, I have made mistakes, but then,

My life didn’t carry the instruction sheet.


All those metro fantasies are now gone.

For money I moved out, changed Zone,

Had fun with girls and drinks, still alone

I miss you dad, I miss you mom

It’s a cruel world and I am coming home.

waiting for that rain


Like a very man, at 23… I have certain aim. .
Good status and money… Some one to love, And a bit of fame. .
I am putting in, and getting out… Relaxing and then running. .

Getting few results, And some efforts went in vain. .

My soften dreams are clouded by dark shadows of pain. .
And to shatter these clouds…I am waiting for that rain. .

Like a very man, at 23. . I feel like in a race. .
Some acts of mine embarrass me. . And some deeds to embrace. .
I am running in so hard. . Its harder to breathe. .
Its start of a carrier. . Still my struggling days. .
Ticking time 24*7. . My joys in a drain. .
My soften dreams are clouded by dark shadows of pain. .
To shatter these clouds. . I am waiting for that rain. .

Like a very man at 23. . I am aspiring some one to be. .
Disgustingly non serious. . A lazy lizzylee. .
Searching for options from my Pandora box. .
I thought i was smart. . Turned a Nerdistic geek. .
Time to realize my dear. . Time to use my brain. .
My soften dreams were clouded by dark shadows of pain. .
And to shatter these clouds. . I think. . I just spotted that rain. .

Not a man, but a boy, At 23. . I just realize. .
To accept. . Never grew up. . It sounds so wise. .
Better to take few words from dad. . And the grin in his eyes. .
And mom’s pat on the back. . It all feel so nice. .
This whole rhyme. . I have been crying. .
Waiting for rain. . Waiting for rain. . Not able to find. .
This love of ma and pa. . Not seeing. . Am i blind? .
Gotten that genie. . I just grew sane. .
Clouds are shattered. . Sky so plain. .
Showered by blessings. . I am drenched in that rain. .
i am drenched in that rain…