Pakistaan refugee, polio eradication and a farmaan by Taliban.

You have a medical condition and you have a doctor by your neighborhood. But still took can not go and get yourself treated. Because it’s simply not allowed. Situation becomes more painful when the sufferer it’s your child and the medical condition coups impair a lifelong disability.
This is the pain the refugee in Pakistan are going through these days. Leaving under miserably per conditions in government refugee camps or their own tent out places, Pakistan at this moment it’s at highest danger zone for polio virus to creep up. Already at number one spot for total number of polio cases, the situation is further aggrieved by taliban`s orders against polio vaccination as a protest against usa drone attacks.
What ever their cause of fight is, no one gives them a right to put lives of small kids at risk of a disease as bad as polio. Pakistan is one of the three countries, sheets.polio eradication has not been successful so even till date. I pray for the small kids and their families, who done how managing the polio vaccination from WHO support but do not want any mark on finger, usually a symbol of successful vaccination, do that takiban people don’t hurt them back at homes.