How i killed a unborn child.

Last week when i went to check the site for our ‘ready to move in’ new home i was amazed to find some guests. On the first floor of my house, a family of robins have arrived. And i see a nest with eggs hatched on the end of one rolled up blind. It was a clear view from the entrance from where i could enjoy the entire scene without posing a threat to the birds.

My new guests were busy in collecting leaves, grass and some other stuff to comfort the unborn. Yes, i could see the eggs, four of them, laying there in their white glory. I could see the mother busy collecting food as it won’t be able to leave the nest for longer periods now.  I can see the father, guarding strongly like a soldier against the unforeseen dangers. A blissful feeling.

It was an issue at hand as i was going to shift in here in few days time and that is the time when i might need to use those blinds. Nature does affect our hearts very strongly. I am not particularly a man who keeps pet or birds, but for some reasons i decided to keep them. At Least till the time i could see the last one fly.

I started to feel very caring and curious to see the life taking place. It is an amazing experience to be able to witness the nature’s most amazing blessing, a new life. I collected what ever information i could gather from the internet to keep the nest safe. To do and not to do list made and instructed to every one around.

Robins don’t stay at a place for very long. They will abandon the nest as soon as the children and good enough to fly.Crazy thing which i came to know about robins is if the male member comes to know that its nest has been subject to human intervention or any other danger, it might just abandoned the nest, killing its own sons.

Today when i came for my regular visit, it was a sinking feeling. From the entrance i noticed a cat approaching towards the nest. Robins senior were not around or probably were too frightened to warn the cat. Blinds are not that high to be out of the reach for the cat.

I didn’t had the time to run to the first floor and then scare the cat off. I had to do something in few seconds only. I took a stone decided to take the aim. Not my lucky day for sure, it hit the nest, leaving it unbalanced. The nest took a big swing as my heart comes to my mouth. and then the dreadful happened. One of the birds egg fall off the nest. There was a small sound, like someone has knocked the egg on the frying pan to cook omelette. only that this time it had a life in it. I had killed a life.

Sometimes you take chances in life. Not every time it goes in your favor. I have killed a egg to save the nest.