The Poor People

Today I got a text from a friend

And this is what it state,

“There is more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo,

Than in a poor man’s plate”

How disgusting this could be, only if we give it a thought.

So I decided to write about it, or at least give it a shot,

There are people dying of hunger,

While many of us plan to diet,

People are running on tread mill,

And some child is crying for a byte.

Didn’t want to make a rich-poor comparison

Read it once and comment your opinion

How poor is this world?

Are the rich really rich?

Poverty has a definition

And poor they are-

Some by money and some by soul,

Riches fly on same roads, where poor crawl.

Some are shivering, begging for food,

Some are flaunting- branded clothes,

But soul is nude.

What can I do, less money, all alone?

No one dies of hunger, whom I have known.

I wanted to tip that oldie, but I don’t have change

Donations calls come in, when I am out of range

Enough excuses or you have some more

It’s blame on you, nothing sweet, all sore

Now make an effort and look into ways

Throw some kindness, on their dark days.

No one else is going to do a thing

Let your inner soul shout

Charity begins from your home.

And every step counts.

What it is that i want form life?

My head has always been wondering as to,

what it is, that keeps me rolling, that makes me get up and feel an urge to run?

What it is that i want form life?

Obvious choices are one money and immediate second is fame with a lap of only few seconds. Money is to have a life style that we always wanted, and then fame to Live, even after you are dead. On bare reading this sounds a little mean to me, but if i be honest, most human on this earth would crave for this.

Want to see, if my mindset matches yours. Please give your opinion: