Time Goes by….

Funny past, so quick to last,

What once was painful,

Now made me laugh,,

Good memories bring tears

Funny were my fears..

Easily crossed the obstacles

Easier one were hard to tackle

Funny past, so quick to last..

My first job, i was so excited about,

The girls i love, now i doubt,

Things which seemed so important

The results, the expectations

Now i can laugh it out

It all can change so fast.

Funny past, so quick to last,

Live in the now,

Live in the now,

they say it all, but its nature

To recall past and chase the future,

What in Now, will soon be past

Future will convert in Now, fast

Funny past, so quick to last,

Funny past, so quick to last,

Inspired from: http://strangersandpoetry.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/sweet-and-sour/

Thanks Giving 2012

To start With: Its been a over a year since i started this blog, and probably is the time when i could say that i have started to understand how it works here on WordPress. Journey has been wonderful and amazing people have been added to my community of fellow bloggers. The report 2012 compiled by these wonderful people working in the back end of WordPress shows that i have a wonderful stay blogging here. 

My achievement: I was seriously overwhelmed when the number of Likes crossed 100, and than the Followers just started coming. I can literally remember the day when the Total visits crossed 500 on a single day (And also when it died at 497 a few days prior). Page views have now crossed 23000 and also the likes and follows, but than i realized that these were just the numbers. What i really earned from WordPress were the community of Bloggers who have showered their love and blessing with their constant presence over my blog.

For Award Nominations: I was lazy enough to ever have complied with any of the award’s requirement. But it does not in any ways undermines my courtesy towards the sweet and nice people who found me worthy enough to nominate me for an award. 

Gratitude: I have done is earlier and i would like to do it here again, to thank the beautiful people who came and appreciated every post with their interpretation  when i myself was confused as to what i wanted to convey. 😉 On the other side i envy, many a times scrolling through their WordPress Site. Its the beauty of expression and precision with which they present their thought. 

One Wish: Little would i have asked, after a more than expected response to my poetry work, but one thing. And that thing is to be on the Freshly Pressed Page.Wonderful is the reading we get there, and makes me aspire as to when i will be able to publish some thing of that quality which would take me there, right on the top of Freshly Pressed Page.

Addicted – 2

Scene 2: Jade is now recalling his life, and thinking about, how he has reached the same position, where he was, about a year back. People call him an addict, and so he was, An Addict. Loss of mother at the age of 5, and father working abroad to earn more money has resulted in nothing so unobvious results. He was a Spoiled kid. Late night parties, clubs, girls, and cars were all a part of his daily routine. And then how it all changed, when he met this wonder girl, Judy.  Read it in his words:
Into memories now.
Yeah. . I was an addict. .
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
Mom, why did you leave me early?
Papa was too busy, earning.
I was a failure at choosing friends,
Even the house servants were cunning.
This just paves the way.
And I was lost in grey.
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
At 14 I owned my first car,
Ronny was my best guy,
We had a gang, and I was the star.
Money was never a problem, really..
My friends had me, and I had my father’s trolley…
Trolley, full of bucks, bucks and bucks of shit!!
I wanted your love, papa. And u didn’t give a bit!!
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict.
What happens next is no surprise.
Yeah, I was spoiled, anyone could predict.
I lost some bucks. .
Stocks fumble at Wall Street. .
I take some chicks
To uncle Sam’s sweet. .
Club, cards and horse gamble. .
I trust nothing. . My faith tremble. .
I screwed my teenage…
With lethal weapon. .
I was living to die. .
Until you happen. .
writer’s thoughts: what should follow now, are few very romantic phrases, on how Judy absolutely changed our Jade, make him a good guy and bla bla bla… well I am not writing ahead, because I don’t think I am competent to write romantic rhymes. you can watch any bollywood romantic masala movie to guess that. )
In present now
No… You sweetheart, reading this saga. .
I am not telling a love story. . No romantic raga. .
What happened next, was no rarity..
Judy just changed me, and my past was no parity..
Now in a fast forward mode,
Before any of you get bored.
Those, who have read, Addict (one). .
Know the broken thread, and the clinch. .
That line. . “The other girl”, and “the ditch”
So, I will tell you rest at some other time. .
Let it come. . And wait for my next rhyme. . 😉

Coming Back Home

Dad I didn’t jell up well, loved you mom

For money I moved out, changed Zone,

Had fun with girls and drinks, still alone

It’s a cruel world and I am coming home.


I visited once, to the nearby market,

It was full of people, and no one I know.

I am not a kid now, but a man, mid twenty,

Still I miss the days when you warned me,


Not to talk to strangers, because they are bad.

Strangers are all I know, “friends” once I had

Now I know people, I do business with,

But they just want me to sell,

Feel so lost and sometimes I yell,


I tried different girls, jobs were always hectic,

Targets were almost set, to kill me at it

Will cut budget to save money on that “Big Car”

I don’t like the food here; I iron my own scar.


I am surrounded by jungle, all dust

Malls, theaters, office, box of concrete.

Yes, I have made mistakes, but then,

My life didn’t carry the instruction sheet.


All those metro fantasies are now gone.

For money I moved out, changed Zone,

Had fun with girls and drinks, still alone

I miss you dad, I miss you mom

It’s a cruel world and I am coming home.

One thing was missing (You)….

walking on dis grassy green, i often recall how it has been,,,
i was okay, i was living,,,, never so eager never so keen…

i was standing yet flying,, i did laugh yet crying,,,,
moving partying yet alone,,,was satisfied yet trying,,,

i really really had no clue,,
one thing was missing,, and that thing was you!!!!!

in the classroom, when i was nine…
there she entered .. 2nd bench third line…
i was joy, i was fun, i was happy , i was fine…

long hairs, lovely smile, sparkle teeth, dress was blue
i really really had no clue,,
one thing was missing,, nd dat thing was you!!!!!

time passed,,,things changed,, and we grow up!!!
but smone nvr realised, that i was struck!!!

struck to time that we spent,, just me and you!!
i really really had no clue,,
one thing was missing and that thing was you!!!

and now, i realise,, you are gone!!!
i got friends,, yet am alone!!!

nd i, i close my eye, nd start thinking the time!!!
its lovely pain, and that tear which jst drew!!
its nothing, nothing but a clue!!!
one thing was missing,,, and that thing was you!!!

Extraordinary times (The Memories….)

I see pics from the past and get amazed,
Its the blunder of a fashion, Mis placed
Even the spots we used to visit, seem so oridinary.
Money, no notes we had, only change
Even the clothes were borrowed.
It was quite a oridinary teenage,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraoridinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Time never comes back, it never will,
these 7 years seem like 70, and still
All grown up now, present bites.
We never used to worry,
About the next big dates of our clients.
Jobs, ya we worked even in those days,
Newspaper throwing, the part times.
The time i truly embrace as the time,
with heart, i used to rhyme.
Some of us are getting married.
Some are still after girls,
while others seem uninterested.
Grown ups, from that ordinary times,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraordinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Following is the link in case you want to see the times i am talking about: