Good byes….

Never Say Goodbye

Why you have to go.


Some part of me goes,

Every time i shake your hand

to say good bye.


I know the tear

Waiting to fall,

And your shaky voice,

Saying that you are fine

But telling me that you are lying.


Why this sun has to sat so early

Why you have to go before its dark,

Why can’t you do me a favor,

Why can’t to stay forever.


Distance is inevitable,

but togetherness is choice,

and no matter how hard it comes,

i vow to choose you

Because some part of me goes,

every time i shake your hand

to say good bye.

Addicted – 2

Scene 2: Jade is now recalling his life, and thinking about, how he has reached the same position, where he was, about a year back. People call him an addict, and so he was, An Addict. Loss of mother at the age of 5, and father working abroad to earn more money has resulted in nothing so unobvious results. He was a Spoiled kid. Late night parties, clubs, girls, and cars were all a part of his daily routine. And then how it all changed, when he met this wonder girl, Judy.  Read it in his words:
Into memories now.
Yeah. . I was an addict. .
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
Mom, why did you leave me early?
Papa was too busy, earning.
I was a failure at choosing friends,
Even the house servants were cunning.
This just paves the way.
And I was lost in grey.
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
At 14 I owned my first car,
Ronny was my best guy,
We had a gang, and I was the star.
Money was never a problem, really..
My friends had me, and I had my father’s trolley…
Trolley, full of bucks, bucks and bucks of shit!!
I wanted your love, papa. And u didn’t give a bit!!
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict.
What happens next is no surprise.
Yeah, I was spoiled, anyone could predict.
I lost some bucks. .
Stocks fumble at Wall Street. .
I take some chicks
To uncle Sam’s sweet. .
Club, cards and horse gamble. .
I trust nothing. . My faith tremble. .
I screwed my teenage…
With lethal weapon. .
I was living to die. .
Until you happen. .
writer’s thoughts: what should follow now, are few very romantic phrases, on how Judy absolutely changed our Jade, make him a good guy and bla bla bla… well I am not writing ahead, because I don’t think I am competent to write romantic rhymes. you can watch any bollywood romantic masala movie to guess that. )
In present now
No… You sweetheart, reading this saga. .
I am not telling a love story. . No romantic raga. .
What happened next, was no rarity..
Judy just changed me, and my past was no parity..
Now in a fast forward mode,
Before any of you get bored.
Those, who have read, Addict (one). .
Know the broken thread, and the clinch. .
That line. . “The other girl”, and “the ditch”
So, I will tell you rest at some other time. .
Let it come. . And wait for my next rhyme. . 😉

Coffee Love… :)


Because i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Be it the sun sign or the lucky star. .
You are my moon, my sun, My sweet sa yar. .
For since i came to senses. .
I lost “me” in you. .
didn’t have a clue. .
But, From the school canteen. .
To the birthday bash. .
The pizza treats
and the early school rash. .
With YOUR lots of pals. .
My only mate were you . .
And I feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Yeah that was a crazy crush. .
For nine years. .
I waited. .Still No rush. .
Saw you. . Growing. .
Over commitments. .
And healing my kid. .
From her love dents. .
Yeah, even i tried some girls, No fun. .
Because i knew. .
I have already lost. .
the “me” in you. .
I have a lone purpose. . God grace. .
Want a smile. . On your face. .
For which, I would do but noting. .
Your silly talks are the song
(I like). .
And would you just sing
(for me, Whole my life).
Because our friendship. .
That you call. .
Dumb. . Its so much of love. .
And i love you so true. .
Yeah, i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .