Victims of Dark….

you crashed like a shoot of bullet. . Pinned straight in my head. .
paralyzed like a stone. . A glimple of you. . I am Stunned. .
You were plunged in. . my respiratory system. .
Making it hard to breathe. .
It felt like a cancer. . Degree four. .
This pain is reliving. . I want it more. .
Its my love. . And its grey. .
And i am falling. .
You were a predator.. I am just a prey..
Your leather studded jacket. . Seem so vigor. .
Like a viper. . Fetching my inner strengths. .
Squeezing my skin. Freezing my blood. .
Make me fail to stand. .
I am lying in the middle of street. . Cops think, I am drunk. .
I snort you smell. . Its vibrant. .
I am breaking few laws. .
Trying to ram your windows. .
Because the curtains are like fading my senses. .
Bullying me. . Leaving me uncontrolled. .

Lets walk far…

walk in love

See you, I, over the bar,

With lust in my eyes and just in my attitude,

Passing signals like I was the stud of the bar,

With my Rolex watch and rolce car.

So as I offered a drink, sending in the bar guy,

There you looked in my eyes,

Straight and I know why,

I was into you and you were mine,

Or probably looking for options

Since you dumped number nine.

Listen me babe, I knew in your eyes,

There you have it,

A me, a you let’s give it a try.

You met me late or I grew a bit fast,

Whatever be the reason, won’t miss on now,

Walk together till we grow,

As old as grandparents,

So I will tell my kids,

Never shy away

From that girl in the bar,

Because that is the trick,

We have you all,

Lets grow in love and

Let’s walk far…

Trying to Rhyme… ;)

Trying so hard, working to rhyme,

looks like my mind isn’t working fine

Coz, i used to do it better ,

I even rap in some of my letter

and now its so gone, like a thorn

from  a king, of Troy, or Rome.

No big words, My writing stinks,

Chorus is bad, mood is pink

less likes on the blog, No visits , No follow

No appreciative comments, for days to glow

Up till last autumn, few girl were impressed,

now ever friends don’t stop, i am depressed

Please Please Please, Help!!  oh mighty thy,

give me some sense to rhyme or i start to cry

Its my only way to impress some chick,

else i will die, single, no one to pick

Money comes later, i have none of it,

Please help me rhyme,

At least one of it!!!


Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

young boy , sea , sand

Far ahead, where i can see

It ate the sun, so vast is “SEA”

I have a  “prone to sunk” broken boat,

Accompanying  my wayward thoughts.

These marks i have left on the sand

soon they will dis appear

so will be the anxiety, and my fear.

i have a sea to cross..

but let me feel my feet first

it would be dark, till i reach,

because i have whales to face

and i have waves to breach,

the sand is dusty, path is rusty

but i am born to win..

i have a sea to swim..

Drunkard who surrendered…

As i peep through my window,
laying like a body..
on road, flatter
i see the punk,
was a smart ass, now shattered
yeah he surrender..
yeah he surrender..

oh yeah!!
den it laughed at him..
his fate… a comic destinee…
as it raged through the veins..
jst gazed, was jaded wid strain..
like a mistereee…
no punk..its free..
the pain…
oh shit !! the man is insane…
i hve seen him
rolling on the roads..
drunk.. no money..
think, he was robbed..
buzz… doesnt even matter…
coz he surrender…
coz he surrender…

Night eats you and your love fade in dawn and pain is gone. Here is my personal favorite, took me just 2 mins to compose but i guess, some thing your don’t create, they are just sent into you. Do read “Victims of dark”


All that comes has to pass.

On dry land, with no hope.

Sowing crop like a farmer

Whose faith is thrust?

In god’s trust.

“No results” doesn’t de-motivate

As pain and glory

Come and rotate. .

So is the rain

Which wash the pain?

Growing crops of only hope. .

Rough land dwells tuff farmers

Colorless Rainbow

Tonight, for my moon’s pride.
Its goanna rain till dawn. Heaven sake.
And the color on my canvas. .
Some themes for pain. .
In between the cigarette inhales. .
The circled smoke . .
Causing disturbance inside, my nerves..
Is the peace outside. .
Staring the silence and gazing layers. .
I found some colors. . Some dark some fair. .
Its the dilemma of a writer. .
And some pure coincidences. .
Liking what i wrote
and hating what i thought. .
For a soul. . Its sin. .
And its goanna rain till dawn. .
Coz she cried like she mourn. .
Goanna be the longest night. .
I ever faced in my dream. .
And i am fighting the invisible. .
Stronger it seem. .
Let me be biased. .
And mould my thoughts. .
Coz i can’t lie. .
To my inner gross. .
Let me be dreaming
and woke me in middle. .
So i can’t get over. .
Ending my riddle. .
Let it rain. . Diluting my color boxes. .
For. . I don’t paint. .
With color of Satan. . Coz, i ain’t no saint. .
If the color be so dark. .
And its destined it to be. .
I better draw white. .
And let it go. .
better satiate,
in a colorless rainbow. .

Magic of First Glance


That one glance, when we crossed. . Over the coffee stall. .

My nerves went obnoxious. . Could have just fall. .

I never tend so cautious. . No sinking in my eyes. .
For hours, cause you were captured inside..
Even for morning face wash. . I thought twice. .
Cause i was worried. .Of washing out the moment. .
That one stance. . It has no price. .
What comes ahead, was a blunder,
You were in my mirror, my shampoo,,
Even my towel, and the deo has it..
What??? Are you contaminating??
Its spreading like a virus, and my room is in filled..
I am plagued by your thoughts,
Even my vision is restricted..
Constrained by my senses, I know its numb,,
Still gambling on my luck… it felt the drug chuck..
I scroll my contacts, knowing there’s no “you”..
Probableting the chances, in this crowd, to get you through..
yeah, i visited that Shoppe, over and over again…
You might have just shifted society, or you came to know my plans..
Are you just hiding,,, baby its no kidding…
Its pinning.. And my head is spinning…

That one glance, when we crossed. . Over the coffee stall. .
That’s how much i know you,, and that is just all…
Still i can write thesis.. Can research you over time..
You are captured in my vision, and that vision is just mine..
Don’t even know your name, though your friends were blurbing something
Your coffee wasn’t hot, but you surely were…
Undoubtedly you were moody,, and I doubt, I heard a word ” Judy”
Duhh!!! is it even your name?? ,, or I am acting psycho??..
Because i am falling for that word, because that’s all I know..
And yeah, your trendy pants, and the orange Tee..
You surely looked gorgeous, and i surely was plunge..
Plunge into your gossips, eeeww,, the girls talk..
Though the smile was perfect.. Even your friends were okay..
The boy beside you though wasn’t that cool….
Or may be I am jealous, shouldn’t be that cruel…

That one glance, when we crossed. . Over the coffee stall. .
I am struck on that coffee, they might have added extra nicotine..
Because it was tempting.. I find that a bit sour…
Even my friends said, I was looking lost, a bit, or may be more..
Now, will you do me a favor, I am not reporting you as “lost”
Because then the cops will ask, who am I?? And who you are??
Silly!! This thought is just vague.. But be a life savor!!
These words are from somewhere down,,
And I know they will reach some height
So, as soon as they get you,,, you get me,,,
Get closer, and hug me tight…

Don’t let my broken hopes,
Go even more fade…
Probably, I am in love..
Signing off,
I am JADE!!!!

Things u don’t even knew!!

I stand far far away,, and have that “far from” view!!!!
I can see, i can feel,,,the things, u don’t even knew!!!!

I can see that smile, that’s fake, not true,,,
That tear,, that u hide,, but just drew!!!

Yes i notice, when u walk, when u breathe, when u sneeze!!
And that smile on your face, and that injury in your knees!!

And those small small things, u don’t have a clue!!
I can see, i can feel,,,the things, u don’t even knew!!!!

Then i move, then i stop!!! Than i draw a line!!!
The smile that i gave,, i was asking “Are u fine”

The answer that u gave,,, i know you were lying!!!
And i knew, i was “others”, and i should stop trying!!!

But the feelings, that i had,,, they were always true!!!
For i am not claiming love,, these words are just few!!!

For love is just a emotion,, And in part, it may be true!!!
But the care, a child’s prayer, a smile, on face of u!!!

To come closer and give you a hug,,
For, i am here , is all, i wanna do…
I can see, i can feel,,,

The things, u don’t even knew!!!!

Coffee Love… :)

Should we order, more coffee or tea?
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Yeah, I just watched you, for past 1 hour,
Over a chit chat, this coffee bar,
Little of privacy, but the oldies’ there,
Wearing glass and passing stare,
We order repeat and tipped him spare…
Talked about nothing, but weather,
Laughed at our boss, together,
Coffee was ordinary, you were better,
Let’s plan for Friday Theater??
Ah, I asked and you had plans,
I was disappointed yet had to be nice,
Thank god, you acted wise,
Yeah, any other day would also do,
All I want is to be with you…
Hmm, what else I pull, to make you laugh,
Even waiters are dressed nicely
And manager is talking wisely…
Hmm, India won by 1 wicket,
Huh, you have no interest in cricket??
Okay, let me talk on market, the current stock
Why this crap phone, is now ringing.
 Please disconnect, its your sister calling,
Tell her, she is eating time, on my date,
I don’t like her, and now I hate.
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Should we order, more coffee or tea?