Magic of First Glance


That one glance, when we crossed. . Over the coffee stall. .

My nerves went obnoxious. . Could have just fall. .

I never tend so cautious. . No sinking in my eyes. .
For hours, cause you were captured inside..
Even for morning face wash. . I thought twice. .
Cause i was worried. .Of washing out the moment. .
That one stance. . It has no price. .
What comes ahead, was a blunder,
You were in my mirror, my shampoo,,
Even my towel, and the deo has it..
What??? Are you contaminating??
Its spreading like a virus, and my room is in filled..
I am plagued by your thoughts,
Even my vision is restricted..
Constrained by my senses, I know its numb,,
Still gambling on my luck… it felt the drug chuck..
I scroll my contacts, knowing there’s no “you”..
Probableting the chances, in this crowd, to get you through..
yeah, i visited that Shoppe, over and over again…
You might have just shifted society, or you came to know my plans..
Are you just hiding,,, baby its no kidding…
Its pinning.. And my head is spinning…

That one glance, when we crossed. . Over the coffee stall. .
That’s how much i know you,, and that is just all…
Still i can write thesis.. Can research you over time..
You are captured in my vision, and that vision is just mine..
Don’t even know your name, though your friends were blurbing something
Your coffee wasn’t hot, but you surely were…
Undoubtedly you were moody,, and I doubt, I heard a word ” Judy”
Duhh!!! is it even your name?? ,, or I am acting psycho??..
Because i am falling for that word, because that’s all I know..
And yeah, your trendy pants, and the orange Tee..
You surely looked gorgeous, and i surely was plunge..
Plunge into your gossips, eeeww,, the girls talk..
Though the smile was perfect.. Even your friends were okay..
The boy beside you though wasn’t that cool….
Or may be I am jealous, shouldn’t be that cruel…

That one glance, when we crossed. . Over the coffee stall. .
I am struck on that coffee, they might have added extra nicotine..
Because it was tempting.. I find that a bit sour…
Even my friends said, I was looking lost, a bit, or may be more..
Now, will you do me a favor, I am not reporting you as “lost”
Because then the cops will ask, who am I?? And who you are??
Silly!! This thought is just vague.. But be a life savor!!
These words are from somewhere down,,
And I know they will reach some height
So, as soon as they get you,,, you get me,,,
Get closer, and hug me tight…

Don’t let my broken hopes,
Go even more fade…
Probably, I am in love..
Signing off,
I am JADE!!!!