Don’t be sad, till we are together.

Dark eyes sing
The story of lonely nights.
You lost the smile.
Somewhere in the city lights.

Oh dear I know.
That you cried last night.
But the moon shone as usual.
And the stars had some fight.

You looked so flawless
Last summer.
And danced like romance
Of a thousand colours.
I wished I could see again.
The perfect move.
Every inch of your skin.
Dancing to the groove.
Rainbow are so beautiful.
But they are temporary
They need rain with sun
And then they go away.

How did it change so quickly.
What was sure
Is now “not exactly”
What passed by so harsh
And took all your confidence

Oh dear I know.
That you cried last night.
But the moon shone as usual.
And the stars had some fight.

Can you smile one more time,

and sing that rhyme,

and then it will rain again,

Hope, that you will then

become the same.

Beautiful Soul. 


What truth is?
Why is it sour?
Why there has to be
A right time,
To say it all
Or to hold more.

To tell an act,
An incident
Is not truth
It’s only a fact,
that is true.
Than what is truth?
Why is it sour?

It takes gut, and carries brave
The fear of results,
How will someone respond
Might get hurt,
Or the relationship fall

To have that fear,
And still be brave
To state the fact
Is what makes it

The “fact”  alone, is not truth
But to have that fear
and still be clear
Is what makes you true.

Source: Bhaagvat Geeta

Why should i quit my job , and go for my start up…

Its my Life

Its my Life , my boss don’t rule it.


Of being in a corporate world.

As everything corporate has given us is

” To worry the unexpected “

and ‘Doubt the most trusted”.

Quantify the losses,

and praise the bosses.

Silly sectary, strike in factory

Chase in rage, and roar in cage.

Is this why they left the job,

Chase the dreams, against the mob.

Most start ups, don’t make money,

Monetarily, they fail.

Success wasn’t  the only thing,

But parole out of jail.

Yes, i can feel , more of  me,

Happy, rhyming under the tree,

There is one life for all,

and no boss can decide.

Its purely YOUR CALL…

Deciding My Own Fate

Drawing of Life

               Drawing of Life

When i was just a kid
I started drawing images
Of what i aspire to be.

To be certain of what i am destined
And not juggling options,
Playing poker,
coz i thought it would be cool
to decide well in advance,
My own future.

I thought i would be a soldier
so i draw on paper, The Warfare
Then i wanted to be doctor,
To heal the wounds of war
Once i draw a judge,
To give justice to the right
And one day i thought
I could be butcher.

Sometimes i draw myself as a richer
driving long cars, visiting daily bars.
Sometimes i toss, to decide what i want
Sometimes in draw a farmer
Nurturing trees, feeding plants

Now i am old,
Still drawing.
Of what i want to be.

“Wish i would have realised,
i was destined to be a painter.”

A day without sun

This morning was sweaty. No signs of wind around. Day was dusky, unmoved. Everything seem so constant that you could actually count number of leaves on one branch of a tree. One thing differentiating the surround from a 360 degree panoroma shot to a live surrounding were the birds flying. Going to their pursuit of finding food. Venture for survival is what differentiate us all from the dead.

Quarter to 8 am it is not very usual and I see no signs of sun. Day has started, birds no longer coming to sight, and people leaving for their jobs. No sun around, makes me curious about can we live like that. After all it will be a bliss in these hot rising temperatures that no sun around to make us sweat.

It is not England where people are used to see days without sun. I hail from India, and it is summer time, when sun comes as early as 6 am and stays till late evening. Working hard, probably to teach us the value to work hard in order to shine longer.

No sun means relief in hot summer day. But I wonder why I was already missing it. It is something that has become a part of your life. And though we may not see much use of it other than the say light, it is actually the torch bearer to our lives.

A thought than crosses my mind. It is for all those people who touched my life, even a small part of it. I may not have loved you particularly, but your absence will be felt. I thank you to be a part of my story.

How i killed a unborn child.

Last week when i went to check the site for our ‘ready to move in’ new home i was amazed to find some guests. On the first floor of my house, a family of robins have arrived. And i see a nest with eggs hatched on the end of one rolled up blind. It was a clear view from the entrance from where i could enjoy the entire scene without posing a threat to the birds.

My new guests were busy in collecting leaves, grass and some other stuff to comfort the unborn. Yes, i could see the eggs, four of them, laying there in their white glory. I could see the mother busy collecting food as it won’t be able to leave the nest for longer periods now.  I can see the father, guarding strongly like a soldier against the unforeseen dangers. A blissful feeling.

It was an issue at hand as i was going to shift in here in few days time and that is the time when i might need to use those blinds. Nature does affect our hearts very strongly. I am not particularly a man who keeps pet or birds, but for some reasons i decided to keep them. At Least till the time i could see the last one fly.

I started to feel very caring and curious to see the life taking place. It is an amazing experience to be able to witness the nature’s most amazing blessing, a new life. I collected what ever information i could gather from the internet to keep the nest safe. To do and not to do list made and instructed to every one around.

Robins don’t stay at a place for very long. They will abandon the nest as soon as the children and good enough to fly.Crazy thing which i came to know about robins is if the male member comes to know that its nest has been subject to human intervention or any other danger, it might just abandoned the nest, killing its own sons.

Today when i came for my regular visit, it was a sinking feeling. From the entrance i noticed a cat approaching towards the nest. Robins senior were not around or probably were too frightened to warn the cat. Blinds are not that high to be out of the reach for the cat.

I didn’t had the time to run to the first floor and then scare the cat off. I had to do something in few seconds only. I took a stone decided to take the aim. Not my lucky day for sure, it hit the nest, leaving it unbalanced. The nest took a big swing as my heart comes to my mouth. and then the dreadful happened. One of the birds egg fall off the nest. There was a small sound, like someone has knocked the egg on the frying pan to cook omelette. only that this time it had a life in it. I had killed a life.

Sometimes you take chances in life. Not every time it goes in your favor. I have killed a egg to save the nest.

Sprinting Thoughts

Sorting thoughts , peaceful thoughts , drawing life

Sprinting in circles,

taking rounds on roof

it felt like a tiger in a cage

who has nowhere to move.

Thoughts occupied my mind

waiting to spill out

like tea from pot,

boiling hot.

I looked at the sun

it was in its glory,

not yet emitting

the light, it is capable of

but orange, beauty on the ooze

Thoughts have to be controlled,

like the sun controlled its heat

waiting for the right time

to emit energy, unleash

Calmness is an art,

a beautiful painting

where PEACE it the paper,

white and clean

we just have to sort


Red, Pink, Blue,

Orange & Green.

Gravity and other things.

Lost Love,

Love Gone Wrong













(I am not your baby any more…

because like every good thing,

it has to end, Leave me alone

as the Dawn has gone.) 



Devouring into dark. Gravity pushing me down,

Dying like a creature, Crawling in town

Dirty street fights, Shady lonely nights


Tired of the expectation, Puzzled- lost in migration

You gifted me, With maze of thoughts

Intimidating each other, like the vipers hiss

Hungry for blood


I played with your fingers,

Disappearing into other,

Like we were one, bond

Now its screwed ,Like a game of maze

Shady grey nights, And hazy warm days


Oh come on, take this load off me

I hated gravity, And now i hate you

Coz i wanna be free,

of this-  Sticky – toxic glue.


(I am not your baby any more…

because like every good thing,

it has to end, Leave me alone

as the Dawn has gone.) 

Destined to light

Sun light on forests affected by rain

Light and Life

Clouds sometime cover the sun,

but they cannot block its rays

Because it is destined to light.

Sun has a purpose to serve,

Gifting us a day next to dawn

Burning itself for the nature

Crushed by stones,

Misery and pain

Clinging to its root,

Unearthed by Rain

Clouds are but a small obstacle

There is light and there is dark,

and there is this fight

Getting life, to show some despite.

Rejuvenated with light,

Clouds sometime cover the sun,

but they cannot block its rays

Because it is destined to light.