Who Never Failed…

” We love the Sun, More so in winters.”

A ray of light is thousand times more stronger than the dark. Being blessed with so many fortunes, we often forget how important they are !  I have written about being thankful in the past, and here again i want to reiterate, we must be thankful for whatever the god has given to us. Everything here is for a reason, and so do our pains.

The same sun we avoid in the summers, we crave for it in the winters. Its not the event but the scenario which changes. One’s pain may be other’s glory. If only we could imagine the larger picture, than we realize how the small failures adds up as an experience for a bigger victory.

Experiment a lot, because there is nothing like risk. Either you win or you get experience. In any case, you never Fail!!

Love to fail,enjoy the failure for it made you a better person. Made you prepared like never before. So when you fall, Stand again, and move forward, with more joy, more energy this time.