Victims of Dark….

you crashed like a shoot of bullet. . Pinned straight in my head. .
paralyzed like a stone. . A glimple of you. . I am Stunned. .
You were plunged in. . my respiratory system. .
Making it hard to breathe. .
It felt like a cancer. . Degree four. .
This pain is reliving. . I want it more. .
Its my love. . And its grey. .
And i am falling. .
You were a predator.. I am just a prey..
Your leather studded jacket. . Seem so vigor. .
Like a viper. . Fetching my inner strengths. .
Squeezing my skin. Freezing my blood. .
Make me fail to stand. .
I am lying in the middle of street. . Cops think, I am drunk. .
I snort you smell. . Its vibrant. .
I am breaking few laws. .
Trying to ram your windows. .
Because the curtains are like fading my senses. .
Bullying me. . Leaving me uncontrolled. .

Lets walk far…

walk in love

See you, I, over the bar,

With lust in my eyes and just in my attitude,

Passing signals like I was the stud of the bar,

With my Rolex watch and rolce car.

So as I offered a drink, sending in the bar guy,

There you looked in my eyes,

Straight and I know why,

I was into you and you were mine,

Or probably looking for options

Since you dumped number nine.

Listen me babe, I knew in your eyes,

There you have it,

A me, a you let’s give it a try.

You met me late or I grew a bit fast,

Whatever be the reason, won’t miss on now,

Walk together till we grow,

As old as grandparents,

So I will tell my kids,

Never shy away

From that girl in the bar,

Because that is the trick,

We have you all,

Lets grow in love and

Let’s walk far…

Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

young boy , sea , sand

Far ahead, where i can see

It ate the sun, so vast is “SEA”

I have a  “prone to sunk” broken boat,

Accompanying  my wayward thoughts.

These marks i have left on the sand

soon they will dis appear

so will be the anxiety, and my fear.

i have a sea to cross..

but let me feel my feet first

it would be dark, till i reach,

because i have whales to face

and i have waves to breach,

the sand is dusty, path is rusty

but i am born to win..

i have a sea to swim..


All that comes has to pass.

On dry land, with no hope.

Sowing crop like a farmer

Whose faith is thrust?

In god’s trust.

“No results” doesn’t de-motivate

As pain and glory

Come and rotate. .

So is the rain

Which wash the pain?

Growing crops of only hope. .

Rough land dwells tuff farmers

Crying in the Rain

What is being happy all about?

Who among us is in pain?

I have seen the rich crying,

Some poor laugh insane.

To laugh is not to be happy,

Pain sometimes makes you smile.

It’s something other, so special,

God and his unique style.

Comedians, they make us all, to laugh,

It’s a side of them, which covers the part.

Why is it, that the one with so many friends,

He is often the one, is often lonely at heart.

It’s a virtue which, the best comedians had,

They made us laugh, even when they were sad.

Best jokers were mindful, they were sane,

Had it not been true, why Charlie would had said,

That he liked to cry in rain.

Tears, they don’t follow a trend,

We cry at our best moments, nothing bad,

And we laugh out really hard,

When our heart is opposing, actually sad

What is it, then, means to be happy,

How is it feels to be esthetic?

May be it’s, about been in love,

May be its, to have fame,

May be a good job, or family,

Confused, is the nature of game.

Whatever it may be, Glory or the pain

It surely must be worth crying in the rain.

Take new steps

Life has no authentic lessons to tell, unless you are doing your homework and making any effort to move ahead. A risk free life comprises of taking used steps, trying nothing new and playing same role everyday. How would you feel, it taught same nursery rhymes every day for years, in all the standards. Its no use of being afraid on trying new scripts, because on of these untried scripts can someday result in a block buster, which no body expected. Choose the path less traveled by, choose to climb the mountains and then skid back on roller shoes. Unless it killed you, it will be an experience to die for. A routine teacher will teach you what is written in the books, a day out of the books will tell you what there is, in real, inside the woods. Take chances, step ahead, do the unusual and get the unusual.

What it is that i want form life?

My head has always been wondering as to,

what it is, that keeps me rolling, that makes me get up and feel an urge to run?

What it is that i want form life?

Obvious choices are one money and immediate second is fame with a lap of only few seconds. Money is to have a life style that we always wanted, and then fame to Live, even after you are dead. On bare reading this sounds a little mean to me, but if i be honest, most human on this earth would crave for this.

Want to see, if my mindset matches yours. Please give your opinion:




The Life Style You Ordered Is Out Of Stock


Doesn’t it happens so many times?

You are upset for not getting some thing you want?

or You frustrated with the way life has been treating you.

Employers are not happy with there staff’s involvement levels, Employees feel torturer with the unreal targets set by the managements. Wife are not impressed by their husbands any more and husbands look for options otherwise. Kids are not happy with the stuff they get, parents are not happy with their kids demands.

Where lay the problem. Is it that god has given a perfect life to every one but you. Or just that you want that little more out of your life, but just not able to get it. Lets see the math of it:

you were that little angel baby, which just came out of your mother’s cushion, eyes sparkling. You wanted to talk and understand what they are trying to say. Grown up a little, you see more friends, more relatives. Now the home was a small place, you needed to visit neighbors. Once you went out to a walk outside your society, with you dad, and now you want to go there more often. A by-cycle would be perfect, you told your mom. Riding your bike, you saw that pretty girl next block. “A CAR,  you said , “i can’t date on a bike”. Wish Granted, and its a car. Soon you wanted to visit places, drink more beer and win more stuff. Girlfriend’s cosmetic is really expensive. Money is a constraint, even though you have got a good job. Next day your girlfriend says, she wants to get married and get settled. You say Yes, even though you wanted some more time to think. Now you need a house to live, a car to drive and some handy cash for household chores. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Few month later, you are been told that she is expecting and you would be a dad, and you would think, wow,, i am going to be a DAD, though somewhere in the little corner you will think, “I am so dead”


We blame God, for not giving us the life we want… We blame him to be less kind or less caring.  Well… He didn’t promise us anything, when he first deport us to this earth. We created out own dreams and then our own needs.

Try to find the word repeated most number of times, in this post, and it will be your answer as to who is responsible for your mismanaged lifestyle…. 🙂


Well, the Word is “YOU”


and it is repeated…

35 times….



Be a MAN OF WORDS not man with words

MAN OF WORDS v/s man with words

The title font in itself an initial signal as to what differentiate the two. One represents quality and other transit this quality into his actions. Education is important, and what is does is to give you the math to differentiate between what is right ethically and what is wrong. Everything that profits us is not ethical and hence not suggestible. So as an educated person you can be a Good Guy with moral responsibilities or you can be the one who knows all the rules but is still irresponsible towards the society. We know the rules but here is my small effort to clarify the differences one more time:

MAN OF WORDS will transmit the values into his actions whereas the man with words will only transmit them into clothes.

People hear to what a man with words has to say, whereas the really Listen to what a MAN OF WORDS speaks.

      MAN OF WORDS is a person who speaks less, simply because his words carries more weight, whereas man with words will display their art of playing with words, dancing on the slate book.

      Man with word will talk with people, while the MAN OF WORD will walk with people in their hour of need.

      Man with word is never shy of words and MAN OF WORDS is never shy of actions.



He was a cool stud, with money and girls. Love took care of him, but his one mistake took his love away. Read this poetic version of  What happens next.

Conversation with a fellow blogger…. :)

7 Responses to poets and photographers

  1. i am a poet, and i save the world every day..
    i burn till dawn and i fight with dark…
    thoughts are my bow and words are my arch

  2. Metaphors need to compare,
    whats there for illusion,
    Imagination to string,
    and one “love” to sing.
    God grace, and parents smile
    and some other worldly matters,
    a hard to reach, traveled mile,
    one heart won, one dream shattered.
    So lets just dance, without compare,
    and share your story, now and here.

    • poetjena says:

      Poets and archers alike, the love
      played out on their strings,
      pure enough to make gods
      gracious. Where bewilderment
      is great, illusion is no laughing matter,
      on hard worn paths with harder
      won battles. I’ll share you some
      arrows from my here and now.
      Let’s not forget the slings.
      Stories only. No broken dreams.

      • I have seen the arch, they miss the aim,
        Poets fall to dust, with their entire name
        Illusions, I don’t laugh about, they fade
        God is grace all around, in all its jade
        I welcome your arrows & the stories brought
        No poets will be born, if no dream were broke