my canary. .

Canary BirdI heard about a canary bird,
They say it’s a good luck charm.
My friend, you look like the one.
Sweet yet crazy, naughty yet calm.
Lets nail the sun, open your arms.

This is how our love should have been…

Life has a new meaning, with you around,

And breeze is fresh, and mood is alive,

With you the time runs faster and I breathe slow,

Because this is the way love should have been,

And this is how much I am in to you.

People now see me as a lost bird,

And I don’t even seem to notice them.

What do they matter to me?

When my entire universe comprises you

And not even a tiny drop of water can accommodate

Because I am already so filled in with you.

You always complained of my been silent

And not showing love, then baby this is

My confession of love and I cannot help it

To be a little more than dramatic

And this is how much I am in love

And this is how the feeling drive in me.

This post is no all for my love,

But to start, a new chapter

Where I unleash what I feel for you,

How high and how low.

Let the nights fall and days grow,

While we move days and years,

Hands in hands, and eyes not shifting,

Because this is how much I am in love

And this is how our love should be.

Little dramatic, like the sets of a block buster,

Like you are my princess and I am your Knight.

Waiting for you is what I have done all in my life

And now is the time when I confess my love to you.

So take this ring and tell me,

That yes, you love me too, the way I am into you.

So we can dance, day and night,

Can move places and laugh and talk,

Like there is no one else, like there is no one around,

Only me and you, and only you and me.

Listen to the music this air plays, when you talk,

And there is music in your talks

Which is perhaps the sweetest melody I ever heard.

This is how much I am in love,

Because this is how our love should have been.

Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

young boy , sea , sand

Far ahead, where i can see

It ate the sun, so vast is “SEA”

I have a  “prone to sunk” broken boat,

Accompanying  my wayward thoughts.

These marks i have left on the sand

soon they will dis appear

so will be the anxiety, and my fear.

i have a sea to cross..

but let me feel my feet first

it would be dark, till i reach,

because i have whales to face

and i have waves to breach,

the sand is dusty, path is rusty

but i am born to win..

i have a sea to swim..

Thanks Giving 2012

To start With: Its been a over a year since i started this blog, and probably is the time when i could say that i have started to understand how it works here on WordPress. Journey has been wonderful and amazing people have been added to my community of fellow bloggers. The report 2012 compiled by these wonderful people working in the back end of WordPress shows that i have a wonderful stay blogging here. 

My achievement: I was seriously overwhelmed when the number of Likes crossed 100, and than the Followers just started coming. I can literally remember the day when the Total visits crossed 500 on a single day (And also when it died at 497 a few days prior). Page views have now crossed 23000 and also the likes and follows, but than i realized that these were just the numbers. What i really earned from WordPress were the community of Bloggers who have showered their love and blessing with their constant presence over my blog.

For Award Nominations: I was lazy enough to ever have complied with any of the award’s requirement. But it does not in any ways undermines my courtesy towards the sweet and nice people who found me worthy enough to nominate me for an award. 

Gratitude: I have done is earlier and i would like to do it here again, to thank the beautiful people who came and appreciated every post with their interpretation  when i myself was confused as to what i wanted to convey. 😉 On the other side i envy, many a times scrolling through their WordPress Site. Its the beauty of expression and precision with which they present their thought. 

One Wish: Little would i have asked, after a more than expected response to my poetry work, but one thing. And that thing is to be on the Freshly Pressed Page.Wonderful is the reading we get there, and makes me aspire as to when i will be able to publish some thing of that quality which would take me there, right on the top of Freshly Pressed Page.

Falling in Love with your Close Friend….

Ever felt the need to hug tightly your closest pal? or jealous because he/she has started giving time to their lover and not you? Modern day love, come and go often. What stays is one friend, who is there mostly, in your hour of need. He/She will listen to your crazy fantasies and also you sad love endings. Will miss their meeting just to give u a friendly treat. Yes, he/she is our friend of the hour. So, will you gamble that one friend to be your next lover. Tricky, isn’t it. well, here is a list of pros ad cons for getting into a relation with your chuddy buddy:

1) Lovers might come and go, but a best buddy is never replaceable.

2) Expectation burden. People have different expectation from our friends while from their lovers. so don’t be surprised if your lover turned friend also start to expect a little more cozy relation then what you used to share earlier.

3) You call him/her your best buddy and is your gossip destination. Where will all the gossips be sink in now.

4) He/She already know your favorite coffee cafe, your movie taste your shopping destinations. So no time wasting in training, you get to take the best out of this relationship

5) Mutual friends will be a great aid as no hassle in getting used to your lover’s best buddies, you already know them all.

6) Know each other’s birthdays, parent’s anniversaries, gifting preferences all in advance.

7) You will get a bunch full of people saying, they always knew something was cooking between you two.

8) Its easy to get in, but hard to get out. Ever thought about the situation when you might have to declare a break off from your best buddy.

9) This could be your last try at love, because if this succeed then well, otherwise you might even lost your only shoulder to cry upon. Psychologically it won’t be ever possible to get in friendly terms once you have crossed those limits and entered the love heavens.

10) Friend is a friend indeed, Even a lover can’t fill its place.

When i am sad… (Conversations)

7 Responses to My day Blogging

  1. Ha!

    I snuck into your poem in two pieces.
    I know I could do that!
    You rhyme the worlds questions of today.
    Everyone same question.
    Which time is wasted?

  2. soumyav says:
    and you shall thus rhyme in a way,

    where your dreams shall flow with you ..
    in a stream..
    filling your life with all joys..
    and bundles of happiness extreme…

  3. I have gone through that evolution,

    i grew from pupa to adult, i flew
    some heights i some how reached,
    though the glory of peaks were few,
    Soaked in rain, abrupt pain
    This worldly material, all new,
    sometimes, i wanna go back,
    from where i originate,
    Tired of fictions, this world creates.
    There is pain in this glory,
    The moon is crying,
    and the night is sorry.

Extraordinary times (The Memories….)

I see pics from the past and get amazed,
Its the blunder of a fashion, Mis placed
Even the spots we used to visit, seem so oridinary.
Money, no notes we had, only change
Even the clothes were borrowed.
It was quite a oridinary teenage,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraoridinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Time never comes back, it never will,
these 7 years seem like 70, and still
All grown up now, present bites.
We never used to worry,
About the next big dates of our clients.
Jobs, ya we worked even in those days,
Newspaper throwing, the part times.
The time i truly embrace as the time,
with heart, i used to rhyme.
Some of us are getting married.
Some are still after girls,
while others seem uninterested.
Grown ups, from that ordinary times,
Nothing special that we had,
though i will give up the extraordinary
to get this back, the ordinary time we had.

Following is the link in case you want to see the times i am talking about:

Yet another Conversation…. :)

12 Responses to Morning

  1. Nice Jumbling words… :)

The Life Style You Ordered Is Out Of Stock


Doesn’t it happens so many times?

You are upset for not getting some thing you want?

or You frustrated with the way life has been treating you.

Employers are not happy with there staff’s involvement levels, Employees feel torturer with the unreal targets set by the managements. Wife are not impressed by their husbands any more and husbands look for options otherwise. Kids are not happy with the stuff they get, parents are not happy with their kids demands.

Where lay the problem. Is it that god has given a perfect life to every one but you. Or just that you want that little more out of your life, but just not able to get it. Lets see the math of it:

you were that little angel baby, which just came out of your mother’s cushion, eyes sparkling. You wanted to talk and understand what they are trying to say. Grown up a little, you see more friends, more relatives. Now the home was a small place, you needed to visit neighbors. Once you went out to a walk outside your society, with you dad, and now you want to go there more often. A by-cycle would be perfect, you told your mom. Riding your bike, you saw that pretty girl next block. “A CAR,  you said , “i can’t date on a bike”. Wish Granted, and its a car. Soon you wanted to visit places, drink more beer and win more stuff. Girlfriend’s cosmetic is really expensive. Money is a constraint, even though you have got a good job. Next day your girlfriend says, she wants to get married and get settled. You say Yes, even though you wanted some more time to think. Now you need a house to live, a car to drive and some handy cash for household chores. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Few month later, you are been told that she is expecting and you would be a dad, and you would think, wow,, i am going to be a DAD, though somewhere in the little corner you will think, “I am so dead”


We blame God, for not giving us the life we want… We blame him to be less kind or less caring.  Well… He didn’t promise us anything, when he first deport us to this earth. We created out own dreams and then our own needs.

Try to find the word repeated most number of times, in this post, and it will be your answer as to who is responsible for your mismanaged lifestyle…. 🙂


Well, the Word is “YOU”


and it is repeated…

35 times….



I feel complete ( with you <3 )


Because i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Be it the sun sign or the lucky star. .
You are my moon, my sun, My sweet sa yar. .
For since i came to senses. .
I lost “me” in you. .
didn’t have a clue. .
But, From the school canteen. .
To the birthday bash. .
The pizza treats
and the early school rash. .
With YOUR lots of pals. .
My only mate were you . .
And I feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .
Yeah that was a crazy crush. .
For nine years. .
I waited. .Still No rush. .
Saw you. . Growing. .
Over commitments. .
And healing my kid. .
From her love dents. .
Yeah, even i tried some girls, No fun. .
Because i knew. .
I have already lost. .
the “me” in you. .
I have a lone purpose. . God grace. .
Want a smile. . On your face. .
For which, I would do but noting. .
Your silly talks are the song
(I like). .
And would you just sing
(for me, Whole my life).
Because our friendship. .
That you call. .
Dumb. . Its so much of love. .
And i love you so true. .
Yeah, i feel it complete. .
When i am with you. .