To Write or Not To Write….

After 10000 hits, 1350 likes and 600+ comments, the big question which haunts me is

Am I ready to write a book?

Will the people read my book, with as much love, as they do with my blog?

What will be the topic, I should choose to write?

Will my book actually sell?

How do we get it published?

Is my writing, worthy of being priced?

All these questions pull me back and push me ahead and the fight goes on in my mind.

When I Re Read these question, I notice that first three questions are from the heart of a writer, who want nothing else but to write.

Next three questions are more of a worldly issue, the sale/money factor.

As for my ratings, my answers though biased, will be as follows:

Book Ready: May Be

Affectionate writing: May Be

Subject: Not Sure

Zonal: Not Sure

Salable: Not Sure

Publisher: Not Certain

Price Worthy: Not Sure

So pals, since you know all my queries now and also my certain answers tot eh same, I would request you to provide your feedback. Please don’t take it lightly as this is going to be a decider question to my life. Very comment will be appreciated and discussed upon. So don’t hesitate to criticize and give your inputs.

Thank You for your valuable feedback…