Social Service – You need not necessarily be an NGO

While my busy schedule will never let me take time and be part of a social cause, i always feel the need to give something to the society. Not satisfied with the idea of joining a full time NGO, i went out to look for the ways about how can we help the society without even making a small difference to our daily life. Here are some most common ways to serve the society, which in aggregate will work out to be tons of welfare.

Don’t just throw your waste: Yeah right, the Government has hired workers to clean the city and pick up the garbage, but it in no ways allows you to throw your petty waste here and there. If only we use those dustbin on the roadside, will we be able to walk on a clean road.

Smoke less: Smoking in injurious to health, not only your own, but of the society as well. Thousand of people will be at the risk of cancer without actually using a single cigratte in there entire life. Not only it harms in long term, it stinks  too, and that’s not something your girl will enjoy.

Use less paper: The E Mail Signature text used in corporate office has always fascinated me as it carries with it a very special advise, “Do not print, unless very important”  Words says it all, a single rim of paper is made out of cutting some tree from your locality. Trees undoubtedly are a treasure you will not like to waste so casually.

Walk, wherever possible: Petrol prices are rising and still no limit on number of vehicle on the road. Use you car for less one mile from today, it will not only save more money for you, but the level of pollution will also come down. Walk more from today, pool car with your friend. That’s a sure help to society.

Donate books: All of us have some books of old classes, take them out. Find a kid near by and gift it to him. If that’s not what he needs, exchange the book from the second hand book market. It won’t cost us much, but will help that kid a lot.

Spread Smiles: Smile a little more to the strangers, Give away easy hugs. Appreciate the person working in your locality, that you rarely noticed. One happy person will work double his efficiency. Its a free service which in turn bring you love and respect.