Clarity of Thoughts – Part 1

This post has taken me so long  and the word count is actually much more if you consider how many time i have wrote and than erased the words.

It is funny how the topics which used to interest me earlier, now feel so teenage to concentrate at this age. The more serious topics like politics, economics country are not my zonal. I am not a fitness freak not a movie buff.

So what exactly is my zonal?

What is this, that would interest me and i will be able to reciprocate into my posts with equal clarity and conviction?

Keep it simple, i read somewhere. Be like a child, some other webpage suggested.

So it is actually about clarity of thoughts which if attained, we will have absolute no doubt into our course of action. The question now is How to achieve this clarity of thought.

In coming posts i would try to work this out more.. but for that i would need your opinion..

Please feed in comment box, what in your opinion will help my conquest for clarity……