This is a City of dead emotions, People smile on the face but cry inside.

Zombies walk around. .

With broken hearts

And frozen minds. .

The city is filled

With millions of love stories

Starving incomplete. .

Hearts beats,

But with no feel. .

Men are living dead. .

Show no zeal. .

Girls are just as pretty

As they could be. .

Though the eyes are sad. .

Its the city of love. .

Where zombies walk. .

Living dead. .

Why should i quit my job , and go for my start up…

Its my Life

Its my Life , my boss don’t rule it.


Of being in a corporate world.

As everything corporate has given us is

” To worry the unexpected “

and ‘Doubt the most trusted”.

Quantify the losses,

and praise the bosses.

Silly sectary, strike in factory

Chase in rage, and roar in cage.

Is this why they left the job,

Chase the dreams, against the mob.

Most start ups, don’t make money,

Monetarily, they fail.

Success wasn’t  the only thing,

But parole out of jail.

Yes, i can feel , more of  me,

Happy, rhyming under the tree,

There is one life for all,

and no boss can decide.

Its purely YOUR CALL…

Sprinting Thoughts

Sorting thoughts , peaceful thoughts , drawing life

Sprinting in circles,

taking rounds on roof

it felt like a tiger in a cage

who has nowhere to move.

Thoughts occupied my mind

waiting to spill out

like tea from pot,

boiling hot.

I looked at the sun

it was in its glory,

not yet emitting

the light, it is capable of

but orange, beauty on the ooze

Thoughts have to be controlled,

like the sun controlled its heat

waiting for the right time

to emit energy, unleash

Calmness is an art,

a beautiful painting

where PEACE it the paper,

white and clean

we just have to sort


Red, Pink, Blue,

Orange & Green.

Destined to light

Sun light on forests affected by rain

Light and Life

Clouds sometime cover the sun,

but they cannot block its rays

Because it is destined to light.

Sun has a purpose to serve,

Gifting us a day next to dawn

Burning itself for the nature

Crushed by stones,

Misery and pain

Clinging to its root,

Unearthed by Rain

Clouds are but a small obstacle

There is light and there is dark,

and there is this fight

Getting life, to show some despite.

Rejuvenated with light,

Clouds sometime cover the sun,

but they cannot block its rays

Because it is destined to light.


Yes, he walks

like he rule the streets,

the young with a torn jacket.

leather boots covered with mud,

Shoe laces entangled vividly

Orange cap , Christ locket.

he flaunt stardom

in so many ways,

” Jesus Loves you,

But i am his favourite”

His T shirt says,

He carry an offending smile

Dirty face, chewing gum

He is someone, but not a beggar,





Is that small piece of paper

Which people scramble, tear

And throw away

From their car window,

Like useless scrap.

Yet it sustain

The slaps of wind,

Escaping the tires of troubles.


To get to

The other side of the road.

You are at least alive.

The paper,

It has no life,




Like that little chime of the coin

Falling off the pocket

Opportunities roam around,

In white and bright,

Always there to be picked,

Rolling down the floor,

The chime is a sign,

That little clue offered to you,

Take it or it will be gone,

Rolling on, in some corner

Of the sofa or the bed,

You’re COIN.


Ravaana Among Us

Ravaana Among Us

Not all bad men have dirty smell,

Suspicious looks, Rowdy beard.

Some are as innocent as it could be

Quite, not loud, Simple and Normal

You can not differentiate them

from the common,

Because, they are, but a part of us.

Filled with volcano of anger,

like that hulk, tearing clothes,

Starving to come out,

 Impatient , Breathing vicariously

Almost everyone of us carry one among

From the routine we live into,

making adjustments, and keeping smile

Just the anger, who can not sustain.

Yes, society is filled with so many Ravaanas

Who Never Failed…

” We love the Sun, More so in winters.”

A ray of light is thousand times more stronger than the dark. Being blessed with so many fortunes, we often forget how important they are !  I have written about being thankful in the past, and here again i want to reiterate, we must be thankful for whatever the god has given to us. Everything here is for a reason, and so do our pains.

The same sun we avoid in the summers, we crave for it in the winters. Its not the event but the scenario which changes. One’s pain may be other’s glory. If only we could imagine the larger picture, than we realize how the small failures adds up as an experience for a bigger victory.

Experiment a lot, because there is nothing like risk. Either you win or you get experience. In any case, you never Fail!!

Love to fail,enjoy the failure for it made you a better person. Made you prepared like never before. So when you fall, Stand again, and move forward, with more joy, more energy this time.