” Past has mostly being undermined saying that whats gone is gone”

Cycle of  time keeps on revolving as we move forward from the past to now the present and into the future. What now is present will tomorrow be the new past, and future will be the new present. In this rush of running  we often undermine the past, not taking a breath and recalling what life ought to teach us.

Today i took some out and read my own blog post entries. It is amazing how i myself wonder as to the state of mind in which i wrote those posts. Some of them were really deep, some were funny and some were very loosely structured. Love, Poverty, Drugs, Hope and Life. Emotions kept on flowing in one form or another. But in all the posts i can feel myself being there so close to my write ups. Perhaps that’s what they say writing from the heart.

This blog gives me a window, to the world outside. Outside my house, my city and even my country. So many friends, people coming here, giving their valuable feedback. All that has made me bus a better blogger and a better person. I may not have given the best blog for the Word Press Website, but i believe i have done justice to the writer inside me.

As an ending note i would advise everyone reading this: Pause, think, look into the past and rejuvenate. Because no matter how miserable or ordinary your past was, but all that you did was worth it, for you are here, where you are, where you wanted to be.

Happy Blogging.


Traffic Control on your Mind

What is going on your mind right now?

Are you reading this blog post and thinking about something else?

What is the true function of mind and does it work for you, or you work for your mind?

These are the questions i keep pondering when ever i get a chance to chit chat with myself. Mind is a beautiful thing and the strongest organ in the human body. 90% of your body is your brain and remaining 10% are the other body parts. You may be cute , smart, strong, weak, tall or short, but it is your mind which is going to decide the heights of your achievements.

What is the true function of mind?

Think about it as a CPU to your computer. It is supposed to analyze the data, sort it is proper order and then order other units to process as per instructions. Now think about an old processing unit, say Pentium 3. The processing speed is down, data is piled up in abundance. Sorting is not proper. What will happen? obviously you can not expect very good results from such situation.

Mind Test

Close your eyes for 30 seconds and try to keep a count of every thought that comes to your mind. Be receptive and don’t try to block any thoughts. People when made to pass through this test will report a crowed place for complete 30 seconds. This crowd is of your thoughts. Vague thoughts running from here to there.

What to do?

While these thoughts are attacking your mind, wait for this one moment, where you experience an emptiness. It will come for sure, but the time of its arrival is uncertain. Keep repeating the test every day, till you start to experience this emptiness much quickly. the crowd is the unsorted data, and this one blank moment is your PEACE. When you are at peace with your self, you will start to control your mind. Its processing speed will increase much more and you will see the difference in your daily working.

What happens if you don’t control your mind?

Mind is a good servant but a bad master. If in order, it will help your world become a better place. But if you let it control your body, then the uncontrollable powers will become destructive.  Result of mind’s reaction on body are your EMOTIONS. Its the Buddha philosophy to be equal to all your thoughts. situation of “No Anger” can be achieved with a state of “No Excitement“.

It does not mean that you stop to enjoy life . It simply means that you look towards the big prospective and not the small picture. That way you can feel the  peace of eternity.

Trying to Rhyme… ;)

Trying so hard, working to rhyme,

looks like my mind isn’t working fine

Coz, i used to do it better ,

I even rap in some of my letter

and now its so gone, like a thorn

from  a king, of Troy, or Rome.

No big words, My writing stinks,

Chorus is bad, mood is pink

less likes on the blog, No visits , No follow

No appreciative comments, for days to glow

Up till last autumn, few girl were impressed,

now ever friends don’t stop, i am depressed

Please Please Please, Help!!  oh mighty thy,

give me some sense to rhyme or i start to cry

Its my only way to impress some chick,

else i will die, single, no one to pick

Money comes later, i have none of it,

Please help me rhyme,

At least one of it!!!


Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

young boy , sea , sand

Far ahead, where i can see

It ate the sun, so vast is “SEA”

I have a  “prone to sunk” broken boat,

Accompanying  my wayward thoughts.

These marks i have left on the sand

soon they will dis appear

so will be the anxiety, and my fear.

i have a sea to cross..

but let me feel my feet first

it would be dark, till i reach,

because i have whales to face

and i have waves to breach,

the sand is dusty, path is rusty

but i am born to win..

i have a sea to swim..

Welcome to Hell

Its raw… its raw…
The road is so ghostly…
It crowded mostly…
There’s a truck in my sight
As, I closed, my eyes…
I hit nothing, as I crossed by…

There’s sun around me,
And I am in the shadows of pillars,
The biker around me, they seem like killers…
The mountains of sand… And buildings so grand,
It all a rusty feeling…
Its raw… its raw…

And that lady in white…
She seems so bright…
Skinny, her legs are long.
Its nicely waxed and toned,
There’s a call on my phone…
It says,” home”
Oh god, there’s no one home
Who’s calling…? who’s calling…?

The way she stare,
It’s threatening glare…
I am freeze and stun…
Struck, wanting to run….
It peace, and every leaf is freeze
But I can, sense some violence
I breathe so loud… Its scream in silence…

Hypnotized, not going, I am taken…
She touches me, with her lips, and I am shaken….
Its the kiss of death…
And into my last breathe…
She disappear, and it a grave,
There’s a message, below RIP.
To read, I am not that brave,
Suddenly, it catches my eye…
,”pick the call, on your cell”
As I answer the call, it says…
,” it’s the house of death, welcome to hell”.

Coffee Love (Revisited… <3 )

Should we order, more coffee or tea?
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Yeah, I just watched you, for past 1 hour,
Over a chit chat, this coffee bar,
Little of privacy, but the oldies’ there,
Wearing glass and passing stare,
We order repeat and tipped him spare…
Talked about nothing, but weather,
Laughed at our boss, together,
Coffee was ordinary, you were better,
Let’s plan for Friday Theater??
Ah, I asked and you had plans,
I was disappointed yet had to be nice,
Thank god, you acted wise,
Yeah, any other day would also do,
All I want is to be with you…
Hmm, what else I pull, to make you laugh,
Even waiters are dressed nicely
And manager is talking wisely…
Hmm, India won by 1 wicket,
Huh, you have no interest in cricket??
Okay, let me talk on market, the current stock
Why this crap phone, is now ringing.
 Please disconnect, its your sister calling,
Tell her, she is eating time, on my date,
I don’t like her, and now I hate.
Okay, come back, so where were we?
Should we order, more coffee or tea?

To Write or Not To Write….

After 10000 hits, 1350 likes and 600+ comments, the big question which haunts me is

Am I ready to write a book?

Will the people read my book, with as much love, as they do with my blog?

What will be the topic, I should choose to write?

Will my book actually sell?

How do we get it published?

Is my writing, worthy of being priced?

All these questions pull me back and push me ahead and the fight goes on in my mind.

When I Re Read these question, I notice that first three questions are from the heart of a writer, who want nothing else but to write.

Next three questions are more of a worldly issue, the sale/money factor.

As for my ratings, my answers though biased, will be as follows:

Book Ready: May Be

Affectionate writing: May Be

Subject: Not Sure

Zonal: Not Sure

Salable: Not Sure

Publisher: Not Certain

Price Worthy: Not Sure

So pals, since you know all my queries now and also my certain answers tot eh same, I would request you to provide your feedback. Please don’t take it lightly as this is going to be a decider question to my life. Very comment will be appreciated and discussed upon. So don’t hesitate to criticize and give your inputs.

Thank You for your valuable feedback…