Addicted – 2

Scene 2: Jade is now recalling his life, and thinking about, how he has reached the same position, where he was, about a year back. People call him an addict, and so he was, An Addict. Loss of mother at the age of 5, and father working abroad to earn more money has resulted in nothing so unobvious results. He was a Spoiled kid. Late night parties, clubs, girls, and cars were all a part of his daily routine. And then how it all changed, when he met this wonder girl, Judy.  Read it in his words:
Into memories now.
Yeah. . I was an addict. .
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
Mom, why did you leave me early?
Papa was too busy, earning.
I was a failure at choosing friends,
Even the house servants were cunning.
This just paves the way.
And I was lost in grey.
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict. .
At 14 I owned my first car,
Ronny was my best guy,
We had a gang, and I was the star.
Money was never a problem, really..
My friends had me, and I had my father’s trolley…
Trolley, full of bucks, bucks and bucks of shit!!
I wanted your love, papa. And u didn’t give a bit!!
Yeah, I was an addict,
Guess it was my fate’s verdict.
What happens next is no surprise.
Yeah, I was spoiled, anyone could predict.
I lost some bucks. .
Stocks fumble at Wall Street. .
I take some chicks
To uncle Sam’s sweet. .
Club, cards and horse gamble. .
I trust nothing. . My faith tremble. .
I screwed my teenage…
With lethal weapon. .
I was living to die. .
Until you happen. .
writer’s thoughts: what should follow now, are few very romantic phrases, on how Judy absolutely changed our Jade, make him a good guy and bla bla bla… well I am not writing ahead, because I don’t think I am competent to write romantic rhymes. you can watch any bollywood romantic masala movie to guess that. )
In present now
No… You sweetheart, reading this saga. .
I am not telling a love story. . No romantic raga. .
What happened next, was no rarity..
Judy just changed me, and my past was no parity..
Now in a fast forward mode,
Before any of you get bored.
Those, who have read, Addict (one). .
Know the broken thread, and the clinch. .
That line. . “The other girl”, and “the ditch”
So, I will tell you rest at some other time. .
Let it come. . And wait for my next rhyme. . 😉



Jade: A young boy of 23, living a lavish life, bad brat, as they say
Judy: The only girl on this planet, who could have changed Jade.
Scene 1: Jade is been living in isolation since last autumn. The whole white marble villa is no longer a place of attraction for neighbors. And only thing popular about that 200 yards structure is a man in his early 20s , who does nothing but inhale drugs and more drugs and some more drugs. There are stories in town that his girlfriend Judy has dumped him and this spoiled kid don’t have the kidney to digest this simple fact that not all the love stories end happily.
Yah, its true that Jade is been living on cocaine and marijuana. And if tested, his blood sample will certainly show more of alcohol then the RBCs (Red Blood Cells) necessary to keep a human alive.
Well!!! He wasn’t living anyway…
SO finally, one day, the too much tortured neighbors, the Stanley’s dials to the rehabilitation people. The already nonliving substance, Jade, is now been put into a van and here onwards to follow are the emotions going through the mind of Jade:

Your eyes were the drug, injected in my nerves. .
Insulating addiction.was your purpose.. And it was served. .

They thought i am taking steroids,
medically, thats why, i am blue..
i had the worst addiction,
wasn’t snorting cocaine, it were you..
Crawling the skin, tearing apart my sense. .
brain under hammer. . Um wikid tense. .
Fetching my soul.. With this crawl. .Why ain’t i fall. .
Feel like a Gothic doll. . In your hand. .
White then the Cocaine. .You were the best brand. .
The flame of my cigarette . . The ring cells are gone..
The fight i regret. .Am all alone. .
Ain’t she the bitch. . She forced me to ditch. .no bliss..
You were the marijuana. . the best, Central Asia, cannabis. .
I dream you every night. . I feel you in my room. .
black were my tears. . Now dried. . i assume. .
I am turning blue now. .They told me. . It will be sour. .
Toxic were you. .into a state of ecstasy, like never before. .
My eyes are sloppy now. .tied in a van, moving to rehabilitation…
i can’t think ahead..  heavy head, a creepy sensation..

Your eyes were the drug, injected in my nerves. .

Insulating addiction.was your purpose.. And it was served. .