How to Motivate People to do something

How to Motivate People to do something

A) Do it, Set an Example.

The best way to ask someone to do something is to do it yourself in front of them. People are great observers and learn quickly when someone demonstrates something in front of them.People might be hesitant to do a thing or not comfortable in a new environment to do a thing on their alone. Looking at someone doing that thing gives them the confidence and they intend to try it themselves next time around.

B) Talk out the positives of doing that thing.

You need to create a positive environment for that thing. People should be made to believe that there would be positive vibes if they that particular thing. It means attaching a goodwill factor to the completion of that task. Talk about the subject and how it will benefit that person or the people in general. Show how excited you are about the task, and you are expecting that person to do this task is because he is you think competent to do the task.

C) Never show hurry, wait for the change patiently.

You told them about the task, you told them the positives also. That’s all on your part. Now you don’t need to act pushy and get that task done. Just sit back and relax. Wait for them to understand it on their own. Keep patient and wait for their response.

D) Don’t get disheartened if the change is not coming.

People tend to get pushy when they want to see something happening in a particular manner and not getting the similar response. This approach is not correct. You need to wait for more, work it out again. Just keep that positive environment building. People don’t change so easily.

E) Don’t stare, let the change sink in

People feel awkward when someone is staring at them doing something which they are not used to do. Don’t give them this kind of environment where they feel that they are being noticed for all their moves. Let them get comfortable in that scenario.

F) Carrots for the rabbit.

All rabbits love the carrots. Who will not enjoy a little prize for something which they initially thought was not worth doing? This just ad to the positive vibes of doing that task.

Don’t be sad, till we are together.

Dark eyes sing
The story of lonely nights.
You lost the smile.
Somewhere in the city lights.

Oh dear I know.
That you cried last night.
But the moon shone as usual.
And the stars had some fight.

You looked so flawless
Last summer.
And danced like romance
Of a thousand colours.
I wished I could see again.
The perfect move.
Every inch of your skin.
Dancing to the groove.
Rainbow are so beautiful.
But they are temporary
They need rain with sun
And then they go away.

How did it change so quickly.
What was sure
Is now “not exactly”
What passed by so harsh
And took all your confidence

Oh dear I know.
That you cried last night.
But the moon shone as usual.
And the stars had some fight.

Can you smile one more time,

and sing that rhyme,

and then it will rain again,

Hope, that you will then

become the same.

Beautiful Soul. 


What truth is?
Why is it sour?
Why there has to be
A right time,
To say it all
Or to hold more.

To tell an act,
An incident
Is not truth
It’s only a fact,
that is true.
Than what is truth?
Why is it sour?

It takes gut, and carries brave
The fear of results,
How will someone respond
Might get hurt,
Or the relationship fall

To have that fear,
And still be brave
To state the fact
Is what makes it

The “fact”  alone, is not truth
But to have that fear
and still be clear
Is what makes you true.

Source: Bhaagvat Geeta

If ever you read this, you will know, that it rained some where and it’s cold and breeze.

It will keep coming back,

The Breeze

Which rub your cheeks,


The pearl out of it’s seep

No matter

You cry or you smile,

What my memories

Might give to you,

The Breeze

Will take it’s share

Of sweet.

How did it end,

If you think some day,

You will see the obvious

And than

It might rain that day,

It will be cold and rain,

Yet the Breeze.

You will feel

In shivers

And than

It will keep coming back,

The Breeze

Which will rub

Your cheeks.

You know

Why eyes turn heavy sometimes,

It’s either the tears

Or you

And this breeze.

Yes at times

You may miss

Our coffee dates,

Our chit chats,

Come back here

On my blog.

Scan through

These silly posts,

Read what you never see.

Look for some reality

Which lost its existence

In this imaginary.

You will see here

A part of me

A part of you

And this Breeze.

And it will keep coming back,

The Breeze

Which rub your cheeks.


The pearls out of it’s seep

This is a City of dead emotions, People smile on the face but cry inside.

Zombies walk around. .

With broken hearts

And frozen minds. .

The city is filled

With millions of love stories

Starving incomplete. .

Hearts beats,

But with no feel. .

Men are living dead. .

Show no zeal. .

Girls are just as pretty

As they could be. .

Though the eyes are sad. .

Its the city of love. .

Where zombies walk. .

Living dead. .

This road know us so dearly, but whom will it tell our stories…

The road might just shout our stories,

But then it has no voices to spell…

Cross this road,

Like total strangers…

I will act like i don’t know you..

And you pass by,,

Like anonymous,,

The road may recognize both of us,

Because it has no heart,,

But then whom will it tell,

Let our story,

Be buried like an unprintable edition,,

Because no one will read it,,

Never will it be heard,,

The road might just shout our stories,

But then it has no voices to spell…

If ever we meet in skies, will you let me hold you hand and sing a lullaby.

This is night

And still no signs of sleep.

Peace of mind is a bliss

And tonight

I am probably devoid.

The ghosts of past

Thoughts (which never last)

People who touched my life

People i loved, People i fight

This was never what i wanted

If i hurt you ever

Probably it was written that way

I just played my part.

This i unconditional

And this is from heart

Somethings are just NOT meant to happen and you were probably one of those.