Social Service – You need not necessarily be an NGO

While my busy schedule will never let me take time and be part of a social cause, i always feel the need to give something to the society. Not satisfied with the idea of joining a full time NGO, i went out to look for the ways about how can we help the society without even making a small difference to our daily life. Here are some most common ways to serve the society, which in aggregate will work out to be tons of welfare.

Don’t just throw your waste: Yeah right, the Government has hired workers to clean the city and pick up the garbage, but it in no ways allows you to throw your petty waste here and there. If only we use those dustbin on the roadside, will we be able to walk on a clean road.

Smoke less: Smoking in injurious to health, not only your own, but of the society as well. Thousand of people will be at the risk of cancer without actually using a single cigratte in there entire life. Not only it harms in long term, it stinks  too, and that’s not something your girl will enjoy.

Use less paper: The E Mail Signature text used in corporate office has always fascinated me as it carries with it a very special advise, “Do not print, unless very important”  Words says it all, a single rim of paper is made out of cutting some tree from your locality. Trees undoubtedly are a treasure you will not like to waste so casually.

Walk, wherever possible: Petrol prices are rising and still no limit on number of vehicle on the road. Use you car for less one mile from today, it will not only save more money for you, but the level of pollution will also come down. Walk more from today, pool car with your friend. That’s a sure help to society.

Donate books: All of us have some books of old classes, take them out. Find a kid near by and gift it to him. If that’s not what he needs, exchange the book from the second hand book market. It won’t cost us much, but will help that kid a lot.

Spread Smiles: Smile a little more to the strangers, Give away easy hugs. Appreciate the person working in your locality, that you rarely noticed. One happy person will work double his efficiency. Its a free service which in turn bring you love and respect.

Payment Gateways….

Working on an E commerce Website??

well, all the best wishes with that… If you have settled in with the basic Biz Idea, then the next thing that will struck to your mind will be, “How are you going to reach your target customers?? and how will they pay you back?? ”

First thing in this regards is to get acquaint with the basic knowledge about PAYMENT GATEWAYS…

What do you mean by Payment Gateway?

payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar. It is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets. Payment gateways protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and the payment processor.

What will they get in return?

Well, the normal deal is somewhere between 3% to 4 % of your total payment, which is fair enough considering the fact that you get your money via safe hands. moreover any loss on the way will be bear by these Gateway Companies.

What Types Of Payment Gateways Are There?

 Payment gateways can be implemented through two methods. As a merchant, you can either house the gateway on your server, which requires installation of software, or you can choose to implement the payment gateway on your payment processing company’s server i.e. financial institution.

Housing the payment gateway on your site requires you to have appropriate security measures in place to encrypt and protect customer information. If you implement a payment gateway separate from the rest of your shopping cart solution, all the components will require configuration to ensure they work properly together, which can require high level technical capabilities. The advantage of housing your own gateway is that customer information can be collected in your database, enabling you to better manage your customers and site.

If a payment processing company houses your payment gateway, then customer information will not be at your easy disposal. As well, since you do not gain access to customers’ credit card information, it is more difficult to track charge backs.

However, since the gateway is out of your hands, problems that occur are the responsibility of the payment gateway provider.

Who are the main Payment Gateway providers?

PAY PAL is the one trusted world wide, but will work only if your customer base resides outside your Home Country, in our case INDIA. Other then that there are EBS , CC AVENUE and also some private banks like HDFC and ICICI who provide these services.

Top Payment Gateway Options available in India are:


  1.  ICICI Bank Payseal Payment Gateway
  2. Citibank Payment Gateway
  3. HDFC Payment Gateway
  4. AXIS (UTI Bank) Payment Gateway
  5. ABCPayments
  6. CC Avenues
  7. Paypal
  8. Transecute
  9. EBS

Blogging to Writing….

Blogging is a Journey, a transformation fro being an immature tinker to a professional writer.

While reading other blogs, i find it most comman, that the writer at the blog is either a professional writer, or is aspiring to be one. Writing is an addiction, which though takes so much of time to infect, but once infused, the person will keep on craving to create something, provide something to the society, which satiates his personal goals. While is it obvious that the seed to develop a writer is already infused in the person, i believe that wordpress hepls us too, to develop the need to write. I love the onelines which comes, when we publish our post and this yummy “Your next Target is” Screen occurs.

I have developed a habit to copy these one liners and post them into my twitter account, so that i can read them later and feel motivated to write. I would like my fellow blogger also to get benefit out of these one liners, so here is a list of Word Press’s One Liner peice of motivation:

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.
Steven Wright

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.
Blaise Pascal

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.
Jeff Jarvis

The desire to write grows with writing.-
Desiderius Erasmus

Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe.- –
Truman Capote

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.-
Phyllis Theroux

There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are. –
W. Somerset Maugham

Writing is a struggle against silence.

Carlos Fuentes
Hope you liked my collection. Stay Blessed.

What i want from WordPress…

Weekend is here, for the friends to plan, For the boyfriends and girlfriends to date, For married, to shop and for oldies, to walk. All seem so busy then one pesron, In isolation, “I” The Blogger. Seriouly looking at my weekly visit trend, saturday comes out as the one day of the week, where the peoople checking out blogs is almost narrowed. The Saturday which used to be my favourite day of the week, as a schoool kid, now haunts me for another dip in my blog visit.

I have not been able to find a proper tool to analyze my blog stats properly, which is not good. SO i decided to make a list of STATS which i want wordpress to provide me with. Here are the top 3 things i will request wordpress to add:

a) Gerder Ratio of the people checking my blog posts.
b) Average age group of my readers.
c) No. of unique visitors.

Downgrading Brands- Force them to serve and they will show you the shit hole…

Consumer priority might be the basic success mantra in  the marketing encyclopedia, but the situation is still far from the theoretical concepts. Profit earning still counts high, even at the cost of mis-selling and  bad services. While Insurance Industry and Banking is mostly known for mis selling its products, these exists a large percentage of small scale organisations, which works on the labor hired from closest locality, surely un educated and hardly trained.

Brands from International market enters the domestic territories, with an aim to provide equal service quality which they promise to serve to every one. worst is the case, for companies working franchisee model. Preliminary checks and surprise audits are one part, but does they hardly give an eye to complaint/ suggestion box, which is one correct picture about the service quality of persons managing there brand image and good will.

Following are the some of the issues which adversely affect the brand value developed by the companies over a long period of time:

1)  Un Educated Work staff: Workers are hardly educated, and franchisee are unwilling to spend on training cost. Lack of education is not their fault, but the problem is what comes with absence of the ethics that customer is the king. They will work for you, day and night, and in return they get paid for. Customer pays to the boss, so they are not concerned about them

2) No Surprise Checks:  Brands require regular check on surprise basis to ensure continuous service with equal dedication and care for the brand value. Surprise audits are one way. Placing a fake customer will do equally well.

3) complaint/suggestion box: Not sure how effectively this tool is been used, because it in itself is a pretty good way to rate the customer satisfaction. Some brands do that by requesting the customers at the exit point to rate the service quality. However others just place the complaint box, out of the sight of customer.

4) Mis selling: Business men are there to earn, and this is what they do. But mis selling is an crime on the trust of customer, that they put on you, the moment they enter in your premises. Unethical ways may earn you short term gains, but in longer term , the customer is not going to come back, cause of long term disasters.

5) Case Study: This happened to one of my colleague last week, when on the the Japan’s prized brand SUZUKI was ashamed of (Mis) Serving him to new lower standards. a Bad day, turned worse, when his bike unable to start, was towed to the service center only to tell that no warranty can be provided as he has missed last fer services. Irrespective of the fact that bike was only 7-8 months old, a estimate bill was give for Rs 8000 (1/5th of original buy price). By this speed, his bike would be depreciated with in two years. After arguing a lot, the deal was settled in 1/4th of original estimate. Complaint file was not made available even after asking many times. and keys were missing, till they were found in the toilet pot in the service center.

Surely not something SUZUKI wants its brand to represent……

Where the Cricketers are….

Cricket is on the ground, and then its inside your TV Sets. The aura of cricket is bound to hit you some way or the other, where you fall in love with the game, “On the Field” or “Off the Field”.

Cricket is in veins and then its in your resumes. Job Hunter sites like and firmly affirms that most common hobby other than Music is, Cricket. So even if you are not playing the game, you are more than certain to be following it over the net or live feeds. With Cricket season starting up, and Team India’s Tour to Srilanka, the passion is certainly up and so is the TRP for the game.

Meanwhile, we worked upon to find out, apart from the statistical collector fans, where is it that our true cricketer exists. Came in handy the E-Age providers of Cricket equipment . After being ensured and convinced about maintaining the secrecy of their sales, they agreed to share the some information.

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