Once i made a boat….. (Conversations 3)

Once i made a boat, and sailed it in the sea,,
Had an amazing journey, Just me and she.
Sun sat early that day, and moon stayed longer..
Counted the starts, she danced, while i hold her,
Until the stars, disappear and vanish, probably shy,
In the dawn of yet another start, magnificent sky.
shore came early to my expectations.
May be i was in love with the sea, stars falling,
may be the water was frozen, calling..
may be the stars were shy, and sky, grey
may be dawn was there to stay..
my boat was wounded and i was cold..
but for the sake of it all, and you, i hold
Once i made a boat and sailed it in the sea…

Source of inspiration:

Ms Soumya

Post:  http://soumyav.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/the-white-boat/

my obstinacy….

my obstinacy….

Forgive me for not reading you of late.

I have been wrestling,

resisting all that I am.

Don’t think, I’m not true.

I am.

How could I ever deny what your words make me feel?

Responses to my obstinacy….

  1. fight well,, and hail,,,,
    make your troubles sail..
    one punch here and one punch there,,
    show them who you are,, don’t they dare..
    Don’t let them cover,, with dark shade..
    Keep resisting, whats your made..
    with you there,, in every hassle..
    Don’t ever stop… stay on… WRESTLE… :)

About Myself..

My Age does not define,
How old my heart is,
Nor does the Weight,
that i have put on,
Tells you anything,
of the things i have gone.

School, in real was the “Life”
and also a building, i used to go
What is it, then would define,
the complete answer to “Me”

I didn’t dominate any field of study
All i was interested in, was Funny
I read shakira’s Curve and HImalaya Herbs
Gaga din’t made any sense to me,
I watched football, read news, with tea

Didn’t have an opinion,
which will lead to a decision
Had a say on every topic,
thing missing was precision
What is it, then would define,
the complete answer to “Me”

I am the Dream, my parents sight,
I am the hero, my pretty girl like
I am the help, my friends call
I am the support, when a close one fall.

I am not “ANY” guy in the background,
But the one who will capture the click.
I am the guy , your wife would say thanks,
for a lovely memory captured, and smile every time
She saw it.

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Cloud Watching

Posted on February 5, 2013
a wide-eyed piglet
gazing – solemnly – at the sky,
ignoring the mire it sits on.

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When i am sad… (Conversations)

7 Responses to My day Blogging

  1. Ha!

    I snuck into your poem in two pieces.
    I know I could do that!
    You rhyme the worlds questions of today.
    Everyone same question.
    Which time is wasted?

  2. soumyav says:
    and you shall thus rhyme in a way,

    where your dreams shall flow with you ..
    in a stream..
    filling your life with all joys..
    and bundles of happiness extreme…

  3. I have gone through that evolution,

    i grew from pupa to adult, i flew
    some heights i some how reached,
    though the glory of peaks were few,
    Soaked in rain, abrupt pain
    This worldly material, all new,
    sometimes, i wanna go back,
    from where i originate,
    Tired of fictions, this world creates.
    There is pain in this glory,
    The moon is crying,
    and the night is sorry.

Revealing me… (Conversations)

poetjena says:
so much to love about this poem,… mmm… where to begin?

Just for a moment I stopped
for a short spell,
at “metro fantasies”
wondering what stories
they might have to tell,
But then I went back to that old, “scar”
which I couldn’t leave alone,
like that wobbly kid’s tooth
of that man now grown,
showing me who you are.

  • I am trying to unveil, Still unsure

    Who i am? What my purpose are?
    Failed attempts, at trying to cure,
    My faded, yet beautiful little scar.
    Stories at metro were always spark,
    Only issue is, i am afraid of dark.
    I am moving places, yet un-moved
    So many thoughts, no place to park.

    Seeds have now grown, to cereals,
    You see me through, and it feels nice
    kids have grown much before age
    Farmers will now harvest the rice
    Broken tooth were all better,
    All we face now are broken heart,
    Its a piece from Metro Fantasies
    rest will come, in some other part.

    till then
    cheeriossss…. :)

Yet another Conversation…. :)

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  1. Nice Jumbling words… :)

Conversation with a fellow blogger…. :)

7 Responses to poets and photographers

  1. i am a poet, and i save the world every day..
    i burn till dawn and i fight with dark…
    thoughts are my bow and words are my arch

  2. Metaphors need to compare,
    whats there for illusion,
    Imagination to string,
    and one “love” to sing.
    God grace, and parents smile
    and some other worldly matters,
    a hard to reach, traveled mile,
    one heart won, one dream shattered.
    So lets just dance, without compare,
    and share your story, now and here.

    • poetjena says:

      Poets and archers alike, the love
      played out on their strings,
      pure enough to make gods
      gracious. Where bewilderment
      is great, illusion is no laughing matter,
      on hard worn paths with harder
      won battles. I’ll share you some
      arrows from my here and now.
      Let’s not forget the slings.
      Stories only. No broken dreams.

      • I have seen the arch, they miss the aim,
        Poets fall to dust, with their entire name
        Illusions, I don’t laugh about, they fade
        God is grace all around, in all its jade
        I welcome your arrows & the stories brought
        No poets will be born, if no dream were broke