Deciding My Own Fate

Drawing of Life

               Drawing of Life

When i was just a kid
I started drawing images
Of what i aspire to be.

To be certain of what i am destined
And not juggling options,
Playing poker,
coz i thought it would be cool
to decide well in advance,
My own future.

I thought i would be a soldier
so i draw on paper, The Warfare
Then i wanted to be doctor,
To heal the wounds of war
Once i draw a judge,
To give justice to the right
And one day i thought
I could be butcher.

Sometimes i draw myself as a richer
driving long cars, visiting daily bars.
Sometimes i toss, to decide what i want
Sometimes in draw a farmer
Nurturing trees, feeding plants

Now i am old,
Still drawing.
Of what i want to be.

“Wish i would have realised,
i was destined to be a painter.”

5 thoughts on “Deciding My Own Fate

  1. I think, that’s how life should be. Sometimes it blurs us to the dreams that we dreamed when we were still young. But, our passion will always find a way to bring us back to where we belong. 🙂

    Very beautiful painting and poem. 🙂

  2. To me it seems you´re a great painter and writer. Liked a lot the theme of the writing, I guess it´s the evolution, and who say´s somebody is not all the things above you have mentioned. I once was a soldier, (not in painting though), also a painter(a terrible one) and now a writer(not all that bad a hope), can I make a living out of these, taking out the soldier part, not really but is good to dream right? Realistically that is, but always good to dream. Great post.

    • Thanks Charly for such a beautiful comment….
      Turns out that i was not destined to be a painter either, as this is just a poem and i am only 27 right now. So still contemplating what my ultimate fate is…
      Glad that the post turn out to be good and you liked it much.. Thanks once again…

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