Clarity of Thoughts – Part 1

This post has taken me so long  and the word count is actually much more if you consider how many time i have wrote and than erased the words.

It is funny how the topics which used to interest me earlier, now feel so teenage to concentrate at this age. The more serious topics like politics, economics country are not my zonal. I am not a fitness freak not a movie buff.

So what exactly is my zonal?

What is this, that would interest me and i will be able to reciprocate into my posts with equal clarity and conviction?

Keep it simple, i read somewhere. Be like a child, some other webpage suggested.

So it is actually about clarity of thoughts which if attained, we will have absolute no doubt into our course of action. The question now is How to achieve this clarity of thought.

In coming posts i would try to work this out more.. but for that i would need your opinion..

Please feed in comment box, what in your opinion will help my conquest for clarity……

9 thoughts on “Clarity of Thoughts – Part 1

  1. Clarity is a personal thing so I am not sure anyone can give you that answer. For me though I searched for 47 years for clarity in a lot of things I didn’t have a blog but just needed clarity in my life. When I let Jesus start leading my life my thoughts changed and I began to see differently and I began to see things more clearly but I was also pretty blind to the world around me before him. Not saying that about you at all you asked for opininions and what gave me more clarity was Jesus opening my eyes and then writing things down to work them out which eventually turned into a blog. So maybe my answer is ask Jesus to give your clarity and also just write down whatever your thinking about to actually work out seeing more clearly? I have seen you do that in your poems which I miss by the way. Glad to see your back. Sorry for the looooong answer I usually try not to highjack others blogs with my own opinions 🙂

    • Rish!

      So glad you are back.
      I would enjoy any poem you write about lack of clarity. You know, like the rest of us who haven’t figured out what we are all about. Or what works for us. The search is the journy, I guess. I wonder if there are shortcuts. If there are, they may be unique to each person.
      The best times of my life have invariably followed a long period of being lost. Good luck. Onward through the fog!

      • @waywardspirit yes,, thats what i take out from your name,,, a spirit flowing wayward,, trying directions…
        no there are no shortcuts,,, and life eventually will lead in some direction,,, hoping for the wind to come right…
        thanks for this, ” the search is the journey” 🙂

    • @ T : ahh,, you have no idea, how glad i feel to see the old mates coming here and replying… you guys have been so wonderful,, coming back again and again and making me feel special,,, thanks a lot for doing this.. 🙂

      about the comment,, two things i take from this
      a) To write
      b) Let Jesus guide

      yes i am working on it… and i miss myself too,, on my blog… once again thanks for remembering..

  2. I have only been on WP since November, so I am fairly new. I think your writing is very clear! You are searching, working toward becoming better, and being completely honest. I think your post was very clear and interesting. 😀

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