Who Never Failed…

” We love the Sun, More so in winters.”

A ray of light is thousand times more stronger than the dark. Being blessed with so many fortunes, we often forget how important they are !  I have written about being thankful in the past, and here again i want to reiterate, we must be thankful for whatever the god has given to us. Everything here is for a reason, and so do our pains.

The same sun we avoid in the summers, we crave for it in the winters. Its not the event but the scenario which changes. One’s pain may be other’s glory. If only we could imagine the larger picture, than we realize how the small failures adds up as an experience for a bigger victory.

Experiment a lot, because there is nothing like risk. Either you win or you get experience. In any case, you never Fail!!

Love to fail,enjoy the failure for it made you a better person. Made you prepared like never before. So when you fall, Stand again, and move forward, with more joy, more energy this time.


” Past has mostly being undermined saying that whats gone is gone”

Cycle of  time keeps on revolving as we move forward from the past to now the present and into the future. What now is present will tomorrow be the new past, and future will be the new present. In this rush of running  we often undermine the past, not taking a breath and recalling what life ought to teach us.

Today i took some out and read my own blog post entries. It is amazing how i myself wonder as to the state of mind in which i wrote those posts. Some of them were really deep, some were funny and some were very loosely structured. Love, Poverty, Drugs, Hope and Life. Emotions kept on flowing in one form or another. But in all the posts i can feel myself being there so close to my write ups. Perhaps that’s what they say writing from the heart.

This blog gives me a window, to the world outside. Outside my house, my city and even my country. So many friends, people coming here, giving their valuable feedback. All that has made me bus a better blogger and a better person. I may not have given the best blog for the Word Press Website, but i believe i have done justice to the writer inside me.

As an ending note i would advise everyone reading this: Pause, think, look into the past and rejuvenate. Because no matter how miserable or ordinary your past was, but all that you did was worth it, for you are here, where you are, where you wanted to be.

Happy Blogging.


Good byes….

Never Say Goodbye

Why you have to go.


Some part of me goes,

Every time i shake your hand

to say good bye.


I know the tear

Waiting to fall,

And your shaky voice,

Saying that you are fine

But telling me that you are lying.


Why this sun has to sat so early

Why you have to go before its dark,

Why can’t you do me a favor,

Why can’t to stay forever.


Distance is inevitable,

but togetherness is choice,

and no matter how hard it comes,

i vow to choose you

Because some part of me goes,

every time i shake your hand

to say good bye.

On my way back, I would laugh

Now stone, will later be my milestone

Now stone, will later be my milestone

On my way back home,

I would laugh hard at these stones

Right now, they may seem tough,

Another day,

They will be my mile stone.

One who fail has not fail

But the one who failed to fail

Has definitely lost the game.

No king won all the battle

To win, is to loose but not settle.

Light has a glory, no escape

Darkest dark is, a second fame

Than overtakes the bright

All you need, it to Fight

Where i belong (Still Searching)

Some times i read my own posts and laugh,

Sometimes i don’t understand what i wrote,

Spell checks and grammar, it all went wrong,

This is what i rhyme, that’s where i belong.


It is tough to speak your mind, each time.

Not all sketches go up to the mark.

Sometimes best singers sung that wrong,

So even if the posts were vague, wayward,

This is what i rhyme, that’s where i belong.


Some nights, it didn’t let me sleep,

Some mornings i wake up, pleased.

Sometime i force myself to write,

Sometimes the ideas come on their own,

No matter how i write, what i write,

This is what i rhyme, that’s where i belong.

Clarity of Thoughts – Part 1

This post has taken me so long  and the word count is actually much more if you consider how many time i have wrote and than erased the words.

It is funny how the topics which used to interest me earlier, now feel so teenage to concentrate at this age. The more serious topics like politics, economics country are not my zonal. I am not a fitness freak not a movie buff.

So what exactly is my zonal?

What is this, that would interest me and i will be able to reciprocate into my posts with equal clarity and conviction?

Keep it simple, i read somewhere. Be like a child, some other webpage suggested.

So it is actually about clarity of thoughts which if attained, we will have absolute no doubt into our course of action. The question now is How to achieve this clarity of thought.

In coming posts i would try to work this out more.. but for that i would need your opinion..

Please feed in comment box, what in your opinion will help my conquest for clarity……