Now the mud ruin the shoe…

Rain Drops , Poor Kids , Joy  of life , Kids playing in rain

Before we grew up…

Light passes through the droplets,

Rainbow brings some hope.

Kids dance, like in trance.

Joys of water , ripe crop in the farms,

The smell of sand, breeze hitting the arms.

Splashing water, games insane.

That all when we were kids,

Now the mud ruin the shoe…

Attitude change, situations don’t.

Things which used to amuse,

Now don’t impress anymore.

Twinkles die in the hearts,

Wrinkle is what we have.


2 thoughts on “Now the mud ruin the shoe…

  1. The challenge is to stay alive as a child and enjoy grown up slashing too.
    Harder than it looks. Might have to beg on the streets for two years like the Dali Lamas get to do. At least the Lama in Rudyard Kipling’s Kim did. Always thought that would be an impossibly amazing experience. It is. : ) You worry less about the shoe and just take them off to scamper in the rain and jump in the puddles.

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