Blogging Means Serious Business

From Hobby to Habit: It starts as a fun activity, where you feel amazed to get a reader from across the globe and the reader really appreciate the content of your page. You work a little harder to make it more interesting next time, and a little more time to make it mature, the content, to cater more audience. In Quick time you realize a change in attitude towards the blog content and you start to choose the content you what to think about. You start to spend more time on the web page. First you notice the theme, and find it so outdated. Scan different themes to find the one which best suit your page and mood. The Menus, Page Styles which earlier looked a little complex to you, starts to crack and suddenly the blog looks like the cutest thing you created on this world wide web. Here are a few tricks of the trade i learned from my personal experience and hope it might help you too, in flourishing your blog and solve the questions like:

How to get more hits on your blog?

How to use photos as a tool to bring audience?

Which WordPress theme is most popular among bloggers?

How to title your blog?

Here are the rules:

Keep it Simple: Flashy themes don’t do it for me. No vibrant colors, books come in black and white after all. keeping the font straight and justifiably aligned look it more professional and worked out.

Photos vs texts: Unless its a photo blog you run, words should emphasize more. Pics help to explain the feelings in a better way, but for a writer, its the words which should speak more.

Tag the photos properly: Simply adding up the photos won’t do. you need to tag them, give proper titles and descriptions. one year after i start my blog, about 10% of my blog audience is generated from Google image search. No doubt i did my tagging alright.

Fetchy Titles: This one works for every one. A nice title no matter if its long, weird and explanatory, it will fetch the audience. People will read the  post to understand the origin of this title.

Write your mind: After all it is what you started writing the blog. Go play with your mind, search for whats inside. it is when you pour your heart out, the audience will be able to connect with the thoughts.

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