I v/s The Portrayed Me

Tied up professional, a nicely stitched Suit and well polished Shoes

Slow dead ring tone, over phone, Dead emotions for my darling Sue

The fake deadlines, and excel, self programmed, tabulated to time.

Tired of impressing this unseen society, living the portrayed image of mine,

I compromised with my thousands wishes, just to live by what is supposed of me,

This is perfection, with which it kills me, the crawling rules, and the society plea.

One day I will walk the longest road and climb the tallest tree.

One day I will track the mountains and swim the deepest sea.

I will go the limits that this society created and I will see,

What if I decide to break rules, what if I go, don’t adapt it?

Heard it again and again, the society won’t accept it,

So I will see it one day, what is it that society decides.

I have seen graces; I have seen the evils and Gods,

All I have never seen is the society which created both.

Whom will I fight, the Society or Portrayed “ME”

Both affect my thoughts, like they rule,

All this is because; this is what they teach in school,

A well mannered Gentleman in a Perfect society,

Only problem is they both are up in havens, with the mighty

I am not a gentleman; I am not schooled well,

To behave like one, who lives in society shell?

In autumn, the animals change their skins,

They become different from there Portrayed akin,

Summer probably saw them die, in winter, they come alive,

This is a start of a new me, a promise to see,

What is truly lay, across the longest road, up above the tall trees,

What if I tracked all the mountains, what if I swum the deepest seas,

What if I am not a gentleman, I am the usual stud,

What if I am an evil, suited nicely, and shoe with mud.

All I will be, will be me, and society will see,

And see the people, which used to haunt me.

And taunt, of staying in limits and giving me grin,

The Society, which never existed, will change skin.

I will change to “I” and not the portrayed “ME”

42 thoughts on “I v/s The Portrayed Me

  1. This is so Awesome! Its like you’ve described exactly what I am going through… I’m considering so badly to break away from the norm of society and just follow my instincts and dreams no matter how weird they are 🙂 … Nice on! 😀

  2. I really like this. I have been working on breaking away from the norms of our society also. I have been following God now though others may think that is weird I have found out that it is what is best for me and so very very much a better life than that rat race of trying to please and be a part of the madness on this earth. I know see beauty in things such as the highest mountain or the deepest seas. Thank you for sharing this I really love your poetry you have a really unique way of writing 🙂

    • i like that fact that you have found your path, journey is much comfortable when you finally know where the road will take you. While i am still hay way with my story for life, i wish you all the very best… 🙂

  3. Ummh, am I seeing a trend here?

    Why Rish, am I not surprised?
    Welcome to the Real World!
    It’s a trip. You are lovely.
    You are a trip!
    I feel special from your special notice.
    Didn’t have to stumble on you in my reader, and I got to work and write while all the time, you were my dessert.
    Sweet in your mouth, maybe bitter in your stomach. Maybe not.

  4. Interesting, Very brave writing, I don’t feel I could be so honest with myself let along the world, you are courageous in your work

  5. After years of trying to conform, and in the process getting tortured inside, sometime back I just decided to do and say what I please, without hurting those that truly matter to me. I still work because I need the money, but have learnt to draw the line where I feel it is turning the real me into something that is totally different.
    Asking these questions is the beginning, and you the way will unravel in front of your eyes. Good luck!
    ‘One day I will track the mountains and swim the deepest sea’ – loved that!

  6. I struggle with this greatly,,,but being a woman i have less pressure to conform, especially being engaged to a man who encourages my wild dreams, because I am a wild kindred spirit. Unfortunately, he fell ill with cancer and I’m being thrust into the real world even more with ALL the pressure to provide for a household and be the working efficient one with a successful stable 9-5. While my heart lays with charity like work ( i hope one day to found a program from kids with cancer and i love animal rescuing) I had to switch my job search to clerical and administrative fields. Realistic. I know it will hurt my spirit but in the end i think of being able to take care of my loved ones. I’m struggling but learning there can be a compromise…thus the blog. I refuse to give up ALL of my passions.

    But, I imagine for a man the societal pressure is even more intense, Stay strong and true.

    • I read this, and then think, its not a story for being sorry about. All i see is a woman, a strong woman who is standing against what life throws at her. I am sorry about your husband’s situation, but for your dreams about the children program for cancer and animal rescuing, they are beautiful dreams. I just wish you could get them real some day.
      About the line for social pressure being more on a man, i don’t think its true in all senses. Woman has to face the social pressure outside and the family responsibilities at home. Thanks for the supporting words and i offer them back to you…

      stay cheerful, at no matter what you do. Keep your dreams in tact and bring them out of the pandora box at very first opportunity you get. Stay blessed..

  7. Awesomazing lines.
    As I read, it’s as if the lines are describing. Going against the society rules. Complete counter culture attitude. The real me and not the what other’s image of me.
    I loved it.
    Rishab I can’t hold myself but reblog this. Hope you are ok with it. 😀

  8. I enjoyed the ‘circling’ of this piece… it begs to be analysed many times yet there is a simple message at the heart – V

  9. Journey of being ‘I” starts within you.I did that two years back.

    It took me two years to realize that the education or the career that i have, is my strength and not my weakness. This is something that will always remain with me but that does not mean that i create my world all around it.

    Sometimes we let our accomplishments restrain us; not let us be who we are.

    I could not stay with this lingering feeling that something somewhere is wrong. So i changed my path,decided not to have a lifestyle dictated by my career but the other way around.

    There is still a long way to go but i know i am on the right track. It feels right!


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