Relationships and Troubles (Post a Day)

11th June 2013 , 11.35 Pm

MEN, would love to be left alone, when in trouble. They don’t feel good about being pampered or cared about in times of trouble. I guess its the image of a male in the society, and the upbringing which portray a male as the one with strength and crying will be a shame. Like a lion, he will go inside its cave and spend time alone, pondering about the solution for the situation.

WOMEN on the other hand are different. They love to be pampered. They love when some one approach to them and ask about the problems they are facing. Sharing their problem is so healing that they often forget the problem itself. Their basic instinct tell them to share and spit out the last thought. It makes them feel lightened.

The problem starts when women think to help out the men by trying to ask them about their problems. Which instead of being any help will actually irritate him more, resulting in a argument and hence causing frustration.

Vice verse, the female will be expecting her companion to approach her and ask each and every detail about her problem, even if he can not be of any assistance in that case. Being asked about, gives them a feel of being cared for. Men on the other hand will be looking to give her the same space which he would have expected in similar scenarios.

Solution to maintain a healthy balance in the relation will be that both the parties understand the needs of other person and adjust accordingly.

Females must understand the value of time spent alone by their male companion when is trouble. The male companion will himself come to her and share the joys of reaching the solution.

Men on the other hand need to just sit beside their lady love and ask about the problem. Even if no solution could be arrived the female companion will feel good about it and the communication between the two will strengthen the relation.’

Source: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.


12 thoughts on “Relationships and Troubles (Post a Day)

  1. I am unsure about this, I am more apt to listen than spit out my problems. Very reluctant to share actually, but then I WAS married to a man who shared his problems to the whole wide world over and over and over again

  2. Not gonna get into the whole male female dynamics. Female here,was pissed/upset today ,was asked why I was so by my close ones which I found annoying coz I was in my shell .I guess it all depends person to person.

  3. I think you’re getting into dangerous territory when you attempt to fit men and women into neat categories. They are figments of the male/female thing and as old as time itself – check out history.

    It is regrettable that in too many countries, where males dominate society, the old hydra raises its many heads – each one as blinkered as its neighbour, screaming men know best; men are the stronger sex, and all that jazz and razz-a-mattaz.

    I guess I’ll smile and repeat an age -old joke among women: ‘If men had to have the babies, the world would not have a problem of over-population!’

    • hahaha,, good joke to end up with,, 🙂
      yes, i agree to you,it being a dangerous territory and at my age i don’t think i have much command over the subject either. well, by no means i support the male dominance in the society. Just that it linked up to me and i could impersonate the feelings. Though i have faced this objection each and every time i quote that book, so i reiterate here that these are not my personal observations but the reference to the writings of another author.

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