My closet has a photo.. no one knows

broken love , love letters

Some broken feelings and a picture of you

My closet has a photo, no-one knows

Few bundled letters and a CD, old songs

Love was never about staying together

It was a vow to care for her,  for ever

So I kept the photo, read the letters.

Awesome songs, Presley and Jones.

No one controls a raining cloud,

It just unload all it bears,

Then it is flown,

leaving behind the tears.

Holding helps the pain to grows

Letting go is love, it wasn’t yours

 My closet has a photo, no-one knows

Few bundled letters and a CD, old songs.

Now the mud ruin the shoe…

Rain Drops , Poor Kids , Joy  of life , Kids playing in rain

Before we grew up…

Light passes through the droplets,

Rainbow brings some hope.

Kids dance, like in trance.

Joys of water , ripe crop in the farms,

The smell of sand, breeze hitting the arms.

Splashing water, games insane.

That all when we were kids,

Now the mud ruin the shoe…

Attitude change, situations don’t.

Things which used to amuse,

Now don’t impress anymore.

Twinkles die in the hearts,

Wrinkle is what we have.

Which Country is more naked? will china replace the America as the next super power?

Surfing through my face-book profile i came through this wonderful post about analysis of a painting. I found it wonderful enough to share. Read ad decide yourself.

International Economics

International Economics

Amazing thought-provoking painting “Beijing 2008” by Chinese-Canadian artist Liu Yi.

The woman with the tattoos on her back is China. On the left, focused intensely on the game, is Japan. The one with the shirt and head cocked to the side is America. Lying provocatively on the floor is Russia. And the little girl standing to the side is Taiwan.

This painting, named “Beijing 2008”, has been the subject of much discussion in the west as well as on the internet. What’s interesting is that this painting is called “Beijing 2008”, yet it depicts four women playing mahjong, and conceals a wealth of meaning within…

China’s visible set of tiles “East Wind” has a dual meaning. First, it signifies China’s revival as a world power. Second, it signifies the military might and weaponry that China possesses has already been placed on the table. On one hand, China appears to be in a good position, but we cannot see the rest of her hand. Additionally, she is also handling some hidden tiles below the table.

America looks confident, but is glancing at Taiwan, trying to read something off of Taiwan’s expression, and at the same time seems to be hinting something at Taiwan.

Russia appears to be disinterested in the game, but this is far from the truth. One foot hooks coyly at America, while her hand passes a hidden tile to China, both countries can be said to be exchanging benefits in secret. Japan is all seriousness while staring at her own set of tiles, and is oblivious to the actions of the others in her self-focused state.

Taiwan wears a traditional red slip, symbolizing that she is the true heir of Chinese culture and civilization. In one hand she has a bowl of fruit, and in the other, a paring knife. Her expression as she stares at China is full of anger, sadness, and hatred, but to no avail; unless she enters the game, no matter who ends up as the victor, she is doomed to a fate of serving fruit.

Outside the riverbank is darkened by storm clouds, suggesting the high tension between the two nations is dangerously explosive. The painting hanging on the wall is also very meaningful; Mao’s face, but with Chiang Kai Shek’s bald head, and Sun Yat-Sen’s mustache.

The four women’s state of undress represent the situation in each country. China is naked on top, clothed with a skirt and underwear on the bottom. America wears a bra and a light jacket, but is naked on the bottom. Russia has only her underwear left. Japan has nothing left.

At first glance, America appears to be most composed and seems to be the best position, as all the others are in various states of nakedness. However, while America may look radiant, her vulnerability has already been exposed. China and Russia may look naked, yet their key private parts remain hidden.

If the stakes of this game is that the loser strips off a piece of clothing, then if China loses, she will be in the same state as Russia (similar to when the USSR dissolved). If America loses, she also ends up in the same state as Russia. If Russia loses, she loses all. Japan has already lost everything.

Russia seems to be a mere “filler” player, but in fact is exchanging tiles with China. The real “filler” player is Japan, for Japan has nothing more to lose, and if she loses just once more she is immediately out of the game.

America may look like she is in the best position, but in fact is in a lot of danger, if she loses this round, she will give up her position as a world power. Russia is the most sinister, playing along with both sides, much like when China was de-occupied, she leaned towards the USSR and then towards America; as she did not have the ability to survive on her own, she had to weave between both sides in order to survive and develop.

There are too many of China’s tiles that we cannot see. Perhaps suggesting that China has several hidden aces? Additionally China is also exchanging tiles with Russia, while America can only guess from Taiwan’s expression of what actions have transpired between Russia and China. Japan on the other hand is completely oblivious, still focused solely on her own set of tiles.

Taiwan stares coldly at the game from aside. She sees everything that the players at the table are doing, she understands everything that is going on. But she doesn’t have the means or permission to join the game, she isn’t even given the right to speak. Even if she has a dearth of complaints, she cannot voice it to anyone, all she can do is to be a good page girl, and bring fresh fruit to the victor.

The final victor lies between China and America, this much is apparent. But look closely; while America is capable, they are playing Chinese Mahjong, not Western Poker. Playing by the rules of China, how much chance at victory does America really have?

Blogging Means Serious Business

From Hobby to Habit: It starts as a fun activity, where you feel amazed to get a reader from across the globe and the reader really appreciate the content of your page. You work a little harder to make it more interesting next time, and a little more time to make it mature, the content, to cater more audience. In Quick time you realize a change in attitude towards the blog content and you start to choose the content you what to think about. You start to spend more time on the web page. First you notice the theme, and find it so outdated. Scan different themes to find the one which best suit your page and mood. The Menus, Page Styles which earlier looked a little complex to you, starts to crack and suddenly the blog looks like the cutest thing you created on this world wide web. Here are a few tricks of the trade i learned from my personal experience and hope it might help you too, in flourishing your blog and solve the questions like:

How to get more hits on your blog?

How to use photos as a tool to bring audience?

Which WordPress theme is most popular among bloggers?

How to title your blog?

Here are the rules:

Keep it Simple: Flashy themes don’t do it for me. No vibrant colors, books come in black and white after all. keeping the font straight and justifiably aligned look it more professional and worked out.

Photos vs texts: Unless its a photo blog you run, words should emphasize more. Pics help to explain the feelings in a better way, but for a writer, its the words which should speak more.

Tag the photos properly: Simply adding up the photos won’t do. you need to tag them, give proper titles and descriptions. one year after i start my blog, about 10% of my blog audience is generated from Google image search. No doubt i did my tagging alright.

Fetchy Titles: This one works for every one. A nice title no matter if its long, weird and explanatory, it will fetch the audience. People will read the  post to understand the origin of this title.

Write your mind: After all it is what you started writing the blog. Go play with your mind, search for whats inside. it is when you pour your heart out, the audience will be able to connect with the thoughts.

A try to recall the dying writer

No blog post for long, pressure from work and from home. This has placed me far, from my favorite war, war with words, to differ from the herds. so here came i, to give another try. It may sound pathetic, and make no sense, but it has to come, from the dense, so that i could see the dawn….

Writer crawling, from within skin,

Kicks up often, to ask for run,

To cover up distances, bridge the gap,

Woke me from my power nap, with a shock,

Don’t be a slumber, it’s time to rock,

It won’t last for long,

Days grow quickly, then the dark starts,

Trees fall in autumn or shred their parts.

Leave some mark, which glow in dark

Like the star, visible from far.

Confused thoughts,

Who can sew them up?

Just the fail, a lover’s mail

To the girl of his dreams,

Nice, she seems, play clever

The logic is hard, what’s on the cards,

Who know, people grow and act sharply?

Money matters a lot, poor are nice they thoughts,

Thoughts don’t feed them up,

So they screw, steel the clue, fight the destiny, or die,

Show your make or cry,

It’s a war anywhere you see, no excuses, no plea,

Hit it or beat, fight for bread or meat,

Grow grow and grow more,

Tie up your tiny chores,

Because there are bigger fights to be won,

No places to run

A writer has to write, as a fighter has to fight,

Sense or not, enemy or thought.

They come and die, the looser cry.

The writer craws, from within skin,

Its time high, to realize,

What’s your make?

What’s your akin?

I v/s The Portrayed Me

Tied up professional, a nicely stitched Suit and well polished Shoes

Slow dead ring tone, over phone, Dead emotions for my darling Sue

The fake deadlines, and excel, self programmed, tabulated to time.

Tired of impressing this unseen society, living the portrayed image of mine,

I compromised with my thousands wishes, just to live by what is supposed of me,

This is perfection, with which it kills me, the crawling rules, and the society plea.

One day I will walk the longest road and climb the tallest tree.

One day I will track the mountains and swim the deepest sea.

I will go the limits that this society created and I will see,

What if I decide to break rules, what if I go, don’t adapt it?

Heard it again and again, the society won’t accept it,

So I will see it one day, what is it that society decides.

I have seen graces; I have seen the evils and Gods,

All I have never seen is the society which created both.

Whom will I fight, the Society or Portrayed “ME”

Both affect my thoughts, like they rule,

All this is because; this is what they teach in school,

A well mannered Gentleman in a Perfect society,

Only problem is they both are up in havens, with the mighty

I am not a gentleman; I am not schooled well,

To behave like one, who lives in society shell?

In autumn, the animals change their skins,

They become different from there Portrayed akin,

Summer probably saw them die, in winter, they come alive,

This is a start of a new me, a promise to see,

What is truly lay, across the longest road, up above the tall trees,

What if I tracked all the mountains, what if I swum the deepest seas,

What if I am not a gentleman, I am the usual stud,

What if I am an evil, suited nicely, and shoe with mud.

All I will be, will be me, and society will see,

And see the people, which used to haunt me.

And taunt, of staying in limits and giving me grin,

The Society, which never existed, will change skin.

I will change to “I” and not the portrayed “ME”

Relationships and Troubles (Post a Day)

11th June 2013 , 11.35 Pm

MEN, would love to be left alone, when in trouble. They don’t feel good about being pampered or cared about in times of trouble. I guess its the image of a male in the society, and the upbringing which portray a male as the one with strength and crying will be a shame. Like a lion, he will go inside its cave and spend time alone, pondering about the solution for the situation.

WOMEN on the other hand are different. They love to be pampered. They love when some one approach to them and ask about the problems they are facing. Sharing their problem is so healing that they often forget the problem itself. Their basic instinct tell them to share and spit out the last thought. It makes them feel lightened.

The problem starts when women think to help out the men by trying to ask them about their problems. Which instead of being any help will actually irritate him more, resulting in a argument and hence causing frustration.

Vice verse, the female will be expecting her companion to approach her and ask each and every detail about her problem, even if he can not be of any assistance in that case. Being asked about, gives them a feel of being cared for. Men on the other hand will be looking to give her the same space which he would have expected in similar scenarios.

Solution to maintain a healthy balance in the relation will be that both the parties understand the needs of other person and adjust accordingly.

Females must understand the value of time spent alone by their male companion when is trouble. The male companion will himself come to her and share the joys of reaching the solution.

Men on the other hand need to just sit beside their lady love and ask about the problem. Even if no solution could be arrived the female companion will feel good about it and the communication between the two will strengthen the relation.’

Source: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.


loving yourself (Post a day)


7:00 A.M, 11th June 2013

Morning are good and peaceful, no matter to which age group you belong. Freshness in the air brings in so much of positive energy that every part of your body feels strengthen up. Read about the concept of “the land of a billion sparks” in Chetan Bhagat,s novel yesterday. And isn’t it beautifully defined the craziness of childhood, and how it usually gets stole by the tensions, pressure, competition of the daily life. Also comes to mind is the movie 3 idiots, thanks to Chetan Bhagat once again.

Life is like a race, and we all are a part of it. So true is this notion in present world. We are trained and brought up in this manner only. The will to progress is so strong that we want it at any cost, no matter if that involves putting a step on someone else’s shoulder.

Satisfaction is a blessing and it’s hard to achieve in present world. People don’t feel settled even at the age of 30. Average age of marriage has risen. Metro cities bear the burden even more. It’s like an induction cooker, and we don’t allow the pressure to release some way, it’s going to burst out, and the resulting picture won’t be that good.

What’s the remedy?

We got to look out for the traditional ways. Meditation helps, and so does yoga.

When was the last time you were engaged in any form of physical exertion? Look at the chubby skin leaning out of your fat tummy. Have you make love to your-self lately.

If you are about 30, than the answer to most of the above questions will be “No”

And here lay the problem. And the solution too.

As we grow up, we get so much engaged in worldly woes that we stop to love our selves.

All we need is to realize this self-love and take some steps to pamper our-self and feel the joy of being in love once again.


Dreams… (Post a Day)

8.00 A.M. June 10th 2013

Exactly 2 years, 6 months and 10 days ago, we took a place on rent, teamed up in 3 and started working under a brand RUFS. It was a dream for us to establish it as a name that everybody knows for round the table services be it accounting, taxation, finance, insurance, loan or whatever. First steps were taken and that was a big move. Saurabh is from a business family, so is supposed to have the basic instincts required to manage the tricks of the trade. Kapil has already performed well in the insurance sector and his skillset required no affidavit. I, myself resigned from a brand like Grant Thornton which caused a havoc among the friend and family. So, there were we, 3 dreams brought together to prove their worth to the society and make a mark.

So, January 2011, we had a place, an “8 by 10” cabin in the basement, a team to support the cause and few payables to start with. Yes, when you start a business, liabilities come first only than the asset side flourish. Rent security of two months was paid from the little of my money I could have saved from the job. First month expenditure were sponsored by a stock audit which we got from Delhi, thanks to Saurabh’s uncle and their established firm. A profit of Rs. 3250. Yes, this was our profit for the first month and we thought it not bad. Things can actually work.

February took it way, the profits that is, and March, April and May were no good either. We were at a loss of Rs 15294 as on 31st May 2011. Only visible source of income during those months were NJ Invest India and HDFC Life Insurance, with few other ITRs. Quite enough evidence that while I and Saurabh were under a quest for clearing the CA exams, the other crucial end was held by Kapil. Had it not been his support floating, who knows, we could have packed up there and then. His efforts will always be appreciated.

June came with heavy pressure to perform and a negative cash flow. And Saurabh brings in some hope. I am very sure on this that among all the assignments we did, it was surely the most challenging and least remunerative. Yes, I am talking about the Cooperative bank. Though the Year to date losses increased by June end, what we gained was the momentum. The team work was great, and we finally had something which kept us working. Our family surely have thought that we have started making money big time, as were working for the first time, 12 hours a day. Name of the bank “Punjab state Cooperative Bank” also bring chaos among the neighbors, as if we have got some government tender, and life seem to have settled according to them. Whatever little money we got from them, it was about the Team Work, Value of Money, Hard work and a hint of challenges which were about to come. The profit statement still showed a negative of Rs. 24294.

July, and it was yet another move by Saurabh, which brought in Bansal Steels, the client we are working on till date. It was soothing to see the money finally coming back. Kapil’s hard work paid off in this month. Rs. 4018 was substantial amount in those times of crisis. Money came from Bansal Steels and yes, also from cooperative bank, Rs 6250 (Big time high). The losses were reduced to Rs. 15696, and main thing was no one of us has thought of drawing any salary home as yet. July also had an important achievement. Saurabh cleared CA in this month and it was as if we all have achieved something. He was in Delhi at that time, but we did celebrated here in Chandigarh too.

As expected, one good news do bring in good spirits. Fortunes seemed to have finally revolving in the month of August. While Saurabh was still in Delhi working at his uncle’s firm, Kapil pitched in Reeds. I managed Bansal steels and we worked on cooperative Society Bank together. And yes, we managed to turn the wheel and saw profits after 8 month. The figure! It was one short of Rs 2400. September added another positive and we ended it with Rs. 4964. We managed to turn the red into green, all debts paid and settled.

Well, the wishes of god, Saurabh came back in October, brought in Rs 50000 and an idea to split insurance from accounting. It was tuff time. One leg of RUFS was settled for Rs. 23700 and we were left with a team of 2 and profits of Rs. 28278. If ever I could explain why I let this happen, when initially it was mine and Kapil’s idea to pull up something like this is, probably it was the best for him. You cannot tame a free leg. His instincts would have died.

One good thing is that, since October 2011, we have not seen the losses. Clients finally started to come, Stock audit, Mr. Darvesh, Canara Bank Audit, and few other assignments. The salary component was still missing. And the first time we draw any was Rs 1000 each, that too in the month of May 2012, yes 15 months after we started working. Saurabh got married in between and I also managed to qualify CA exams, gosh!

September went very well, our first as a CA firm. Turnover touched nearly a lac, thanks to Stat audits, Mr. Sonam Chhibber and quarterly fee from Mr. Darvesh. Work of Rs. 100000 in a month, I can brag about it for long. October added KNOX LIFE SCIENCES and added stability to our receipts. Since September 2012, we finally started to draw regular salary, and no doubt, the standard of work has improved.

Talking to date, it was not a bad experience. Money was not the point, had it been, we could have worked for handsome salaries. It was the feeling of working independently, make a stand on our own, being answerable to no one, which kept the firm alive. We all have this feeling, and another thing was the honesty. Honesty that no other one should be hurt because of me.

For memories, I can recall the time when we used to have our lunch at Anupam and a walk to the market. 2 samosa and 2 veg patty please. I and Saurabh discussed many times over tea, the future of our firm, staring at the big sign boards of other CA’s nearby. Will always be thank full for the pick and drops that kapil offered every day. Cannot stop myself to mention Kapil’s Father who, when in hospital, once said to me to take care of his son because he is very short tempered and take decisions in a rash. Well, I could proudly say him, not to worry, your son needs no one looking after and turned out to be as responsible and mature as you were in your times of youth.

For clients, Punjab state Cooperative Bank is the one which stands out, as it was not only the first regular one which we got, but also the one, which taught us how to deal with fussy clients, how to manage budgeting and plan work accordingly.

Each assignment gave us something. Insurance commissions gave us the basic support in the times of need, Cooperative bank gave hard work, Bansal steels gave us scheduling, Mr. Darvesh gave us Invoicing skills, Knox gave us money and stock Audit gave us hope. In the end, though profits are important, but it is much more than that which we learnt from the 2 and a half year long association. Reason why I wrote this long letter is, Today, Saurabh will ask for a split and it will be a final separation. Already running on a thin line of hope, RUFS the group might see its final day, though the spirits of RUFS will stay alive. 🙂