Once i made a boat….. (Conversations 3)

Once i made a boat, and sailed it in the sea,,
Had an amazing journey, Just me and she.
Sun sat early that day, and moon stayed longer..
Counted the starts, she danced, while i hold her,
Until the stars, disappear and vanish, probably shy,
In the dawn of yet another start, magnificent sky.
shore came early to my expectations.
May be i was in love with the sea, stars falling,
may be the water was frozen, calling..
may be the stars were shy, and sky, grey
may be dawn was there to stay..
my boat was wounded and i was cold..
but for the sake of it all, and you, i hold
Once i made a boat and sailed it in the sea…

Source of inspiration:

Ms Soumya

Post:  http://soumyav.wordpress.com/2012/09/30/the-white-boat/

14 thoughts on “Once i made a boat….. (Conversations 3)

  1. This is an amazing poem! I love it all, but especially the last five lines. Especially “maybe the stars were shy”. Just brilliant. It was really interesting to read the inspiration poem as well, lovely words. And your ‘about’ is brilliant: “redirecting the evil thoughts in a packaged form”…and “managing money and mis-managing life”…at least you got the money part down! 🙂

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