My Split…


Two chair full of crap, one bed made of scrap, Its all a messy room.
I am living abandoned, like a thrash, with some one, don’t know whom?
He is inside me, holding me tightly. “Um all around him”.
One good “me”, One bad “he”, an angel and a sin. .
Confusingly aware, scratching my head, Um in deep shit!
He is in me, and, i am in him… “He is my split”

On a crowded street, Um driving freak, Roadway like a dice.
Deteriorating concentration, Loosing senses, Darkness in my eyes.
the bad part takes me over, And i just can’t maneuver . .
To kill me, Clear his line, Oh god! Is he trying.
Confusingly aware- That i am in deep shit.
One good “me”, One bad “he”, “He is my split”.

He is haunting me, and wanting me, to give up and surrender
Its a fight, Of dark and light. Its inside, beneath and under. .
I am lost “Like a ghost” In this cerebral maze,
Struggling for survival, Yet, Its my dirty craze.
Tired of living double, Its my personality trouble.
I am waiting for decision, from past so many seasons.

Who so ever, gets the favor… “If it go till end”
Um sure to loose- The bad or good… Its infinity bend. .
So i leave it, On stars and the god.. “I believe it”
What next, is gonna happen, Till then- Um in deep shit .
I am living, And killing me, daily. . “He is my split”…

20 thoughts on “My Split…

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  3. Your poem is very perceptive – nearly everyone is split in the modern world. Making ourselves whole and united is perhaps the greatest challenge facing humanity.
    However, it’s hard to be sane in a crazy world, and it’s even more difficult to integrate all our parts in a truly coherent self.
    Nice work mate

  4. Great Expression 🙂
    I was caught by the contrast. The fight….quote; He is haunting me, and wanting me, to give up and surrender
    Its a fight, Of dark and light. Its inside, beneath and under. .
    Worthy of investigation, how do I surrender, if I am fighting (hypocrisy) . I enjoyed it very much/ seeing your manic state. LOL

    Be kind to he who is in despair. Some things about him you may want to keep! Maybe NOT! Be kind to him non the less. Be the best father, brother, and friend to he whom is hungry, tired, and lonely.

  5. Yes, you should write a book if that’s what is truly on your heart. Don’t worry about whether or not it will make money. When you pour your heart and soul out, people can not only read it but they can feel this through your writing. That alone is priceless.

  6. I could literally connect some of the lines with my life,nice work..
    glad to read it,it sprouted many new thoughts.

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