This is how our love should have been…

Life has a new meaning, with you around,

And breeze is fresh, and mood is alive,

With you the time runs faster and I breathe slow,

Because this is the way love should have been,

And this is how much I am in to you.

People now see me as a lost bird,

And I don’t even seem to notice them.

What do they matter to me?

When my entire universe comprises you

And not even a tiny drop of water can accommodate

Because I am already so filled in with you.

You always complained of my been silent

And not showing love, then baby this is

My confession of love and I cannot help it

To be a little more than dramatic

And this is how much I am in love

And this is how the feeling drive in me.

This post is no all for my love,

But to start, a new chapter

Where I unleash what I feel for you,

How high and how low.

Let the nights fall and days grow,

While we move days and years,

Hands in hands, and eyes not shifting,

Because this is how much I am in love

And this is how our love should be.

Little dramatic, like the sets of a block buster,

Like you are my princess and I am your Knight.

Waiting for you is what I have done all in my life

And now is the time when I confess my love to you.

So take this ring and tell me,

That yes, you love me too, the way I am into you.

So we can dance, day and night,

Can move places and laugh and talk,

Like there is no one else, like there is no one around,

Only me and you, and only you and me.

Listen to the music this air plays, when you talk,

And there is music in your talks

Which is perhaps the sweetest melody I ever heard.

This is how much I am in love,

Because this is how our love should have been.

Victims of Dark….

you crashed like a shoot of bullet. . Pinned straight in my head. .
paralyzed like a stone. . A glimple of you. . I am Stunned. .
You were plunged in. . my respiratory system. .
Making it hard to breathe. .
It felt like a cancer. . Degree four. .
This pain is reliving. . I want it more. .
Its my love. . And its grey. .
And i am falling. .
You were a predator.. I am just a prey..
Your leather studded jacket. . Seem so vigor. .
Like a viper. . Fetching my inner strengths. .
Squeezing my skin. Freezing my blood. .
Make me fail to stand. .
I am lying in the middle of street. . Cops think, I am drunk. .
I snort you smell. . Its vibrant. .
I am breaking few laws. .
Trying to ram your windows. .
Because the curtains are like fading my senses. .
Bullying me. . Leaving me uncontrolled. .

My Split…


Two chair full of crap, one bed made of scrap, Its all a messy room.
I am living abandoned, like a thrash, with some one, don’t know whom?
He is inside me, holding me tightly. “Um all around him”.
One good “me”, One bad “he”, an angel and a sin. .
Confusingly aware, scratching my head, Um in deep shit!
He is in me, and, i am in him… “He is my split”

On a crowded street, Um driving freak, Roadway like a dice.
Deteriorating concentration, Loosing senses, Darkness in my eyes.
the bad part takes me over, And i just can’t maneuver . .
To kill me, Clear his line, Oh god! Is he trying.
Confusingly aware- That i am in deep shit.
One good “me”, One bad “he”, “He is my split”.

He is haunting me, and wanting me, to give up and surrender
Its a fight, Of dark and light. Its inside, beneath and under. .
I am lost “Like a ghost” In this cerebral maze,
Struggling for survival, Yet, Its my dirty craze.
Tired of living double, Its my personality trouble.
I am waiting for decision, from past so many seasons.

Who so ever, gets the favor… “If it go till end”
Um sure to loose- The bad or good… Its infinity bend. .
So i leave it, On stars and the god.. “I believe it”
What next, is gonna happen, Till then- Um in deep shit .
I am living, And killing me, daily. . “He is my split”…