The Poor People

Today I got a text from a friend

And this is what it state,

“There is more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo,

Than in a poor man’s plate”

How disgusting this could be, only if we give it a thought.

So I decided to write about it, or at least give it a shot,

There are people dying of hunger,

While many of us plan to diet,

People are running on tread mill,

And some child is crying for a byte.

Didn’t want to make a rich-poor comparison

Read it once and comment your opinion

How poor is this world?

Are the rich really rich?

Poverty has a definition

And poor they are-

Some by money and some by soul,

Riches fly on same roads, where poor crawl.

Some are shivering, begging for food,

Some are flaunting- branded clothes,

But soul is nude.

What can I do, less money, all alone?

No one dies of hunger, whom I have known.

I wanted to tip that oldie, but I don’t have change

Donations calls come in, when I am out of range

Enough excuses or you have some more

It’s blame on you, nothing sweet, all sore

Now make an effort and look into ways

Throw some kindness, on their dark days.

No one else is going to do a thing

Let your inner soul shout

Charity begins from your home.

And every step counts.

39 thoughts on “The Poor People

  1. This is so very true. I sponsor two children in poverty who I thought where poor. We write letters back and forth, one day one of them asked me to please pray for the poor people. they both always tell me how blessed they are. Sometimes they leave me thinking who really is the the poor person? Those children have made my life richer but not in money or things. Our riches can not be measured in money or things. Love, kindness, sharing. That is true wealth. I really loved this poem it was beautifully written.

    • This is so great to know that some one who is capable, is actually making an effort to go out and help the needy. Truly said, the acts of helping poor makes us more richer in return. 🙂
      thanks for your appreciation, and glad to know about this “kind” side of yours.

    • ahh!!! finally yes… 🙂

      being really busy with all those returns and tax issues last week, feel like a little breather, I myself feel so good and relived when i get to write these little stuff. Life is a roller-coaster and i hardly get to get off my chair …. 🙂

  2. I find that personal misery seems defined by a person’s willingness to help out another man. The more you’re consumed by greed and personal possessions, the less you can think outside of yourself and help the person next to you. You’ve captured this sentiment in an interesting way. Enjoyed the read!

  3. Thinking about shampoo and dieting
    Dont know why
    That and the possibility of solving problems from within the same system that created them
    My bread has great box limits
    The unlimited solution…this the focus of my attention to poor rich poor poor and me

  4. Great poem. We, as a family are firm believers in helping those in need, both here in the UK and the wider world. We sponsor 4 children and a native missionary worker. We became Advocates for one organisation to help them find additional sponsors. The letters we receive from the children are amazing and always so very humbling.
    Last Christmas – and I don’t imagine this one being any different – our youngest children asked for very little (compared to the expectations of their peers) because they wanted to make sure we could help those with even less, or nothing.
    If the only thing that sticks from their upbringing is compassion for and the need to help others, then we won’t have done a bad job.

    • This surely don’t sound as a bad job…. Glad to know that there are people like you, ready to spare what god has blessed you with, for those, who need it the most.
      About your children, they surely sound to be nice and kind, undoubtedly for the kind of parenting they get from parents like you..
      Stay blessed and keep up the good work..

  5. This is deep! 🙂 Very well written. I like. I always thought one day, when I will have more time, energy, money, skills etc. then I will start contributing in some way and help change somebody’s circumstances. The truth is, that the time is NOW. There will never be enough of anything. Kindness does not actually have any conditions. We can be kind all day, in so many different ways. Even charity, we just need to want to change and put energy, heart and soul in it. thanks for sharing this excellent piece!

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  7. Most people don’t realize that if all you have is a small studio apartment with toilet and kitchen and simple furniture and electricity and food in the refrigerator, you are better off than 75% of the people on this planet. Almost a million people a day die from starvation and malnutrition aside from other causes. Thanks visit my blog.

  8. “There is more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo,Than in a poor man’s plate”—this line alone carries the entire poem for me…your writing is intense and passionate…and your message very clear…We each are called to help others in need in whatever capacity possible…thank YOU for speaking for those who cannot…thank YOU for reminding us to be giving people…

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