Traffic Control on your Mind

What is going on your mind right now?

Are you reading this blog post and thinking about something else?

What is the true function of mind and does it work for you, or you work for your mind?

These are the questions i keep pondering when ever i get a chance to chit chat with myself. Mind is a beautiful thing and the strongest organ in the human body. 90% of your body is your brain and remaining 10% are the other body parts. You may be cute , smart, strong, weak, tall or short, but it is your mind which is going to decide the heights of your achievements.

What is the true function of mind?

Think about it as a CPU to your computer. It is supposed to analyze the data, sort it is proper order and then order other units to process as per instructions. Now think about an old processing unit, say Pentium 3. The processing speed is down, data is piled up in abundance. Sorting is not proper. What will happen? obviously you can not expect very good results from such situation.

Mind Test

Close your eyes for 30 seconds and try to keep a count of every thought that comes to your mind. Be receptive and don’t try to block any thoughts. People when made to pass through this test will report a crowed place for complete 30 seconds. This crowd is of your thoughts. Vague thoughts running from here to there.

What to do?

While these thoughts are attacking your mind, wait for this one moment, where you experience an emptiness. It will come for sure, but the time of its arrival is uncertain. Keep repeating the test every day, till you start to experience this emptiness much quickly. the crowd is the unsorted data, and this one blank moment is your PEACE. When you are at peace with your self, you will start to control your mind. Its processing speed will increase much more and you will see the difference in your daily working.

What happens if you don’t control your mind?

Mind is a good servant but a bad master. If in order, it will help your world become a better place. But if you let it control your body, then the uncontrollable powers will become destructive.  Result of mind’s reaction on body are your EMOTIONS. Its the Buddha philosophy to be equal to all your thoughts. situation of “No Anger” can be achieved with a state of “No Excitement“.

It does not mean that you stop to enjoy life . It simply means that you look towards the big prospective and not the small picture. That way you can feel the  peace of eternity.

27 thoughts on “Traffic Control on your Mind

  1. This has such a resonance with me, I’m sure I have this recent illness, at least in part, because of stress and not allowing myself to just think and be…thank you for this

  2. Hi! thank you for following and liking =) i agree with you; you can be whatever on the outside but it’s all about your mind

  3. aloha Rishabh – your words in this simple reading are a good way to understand some of the great things meditation is and is about and does – and some of the ways in which meditation benefits a human being.

    cool on that.

    meditation makes a great difference in the quality of human life (imo) – as well as the world around us. it is interesting that we need to keep at it each day. otherwise it slips away and we drift back into that multitude of voice thoughts that can become an almost endless stream. with daily meditation there can be an almost endless peace – or at least an easing in the mind.

    one of the amazing things that meditation does is exactly as you point out – we gain and understanding that we are in control of our own mind and not the other way around – our mind being in control of our life/being. that in itself is a great release and understanding from which to go into life.

    cool on your words. aloha.

  4. I can relate to this post so much. Trying to achieve peace is so hard, when your mind is working over time and you cant seem to control the swirling mass of thoughts. It is an art, one we can learn, but boy it is hard! Great post!

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  6. Great philosophy. As a sentimental and emotional person, i often find my mind and heart in a tug of war and i’ve had to learn to quiet both and find peace within myself to then approach a situation with a clear insight.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog…my thirty seconds included several dogs barking and birds tweeting, relatively few definable thoughts! Perhaps I had a peaceful 30?….apart from the blooming dogs, of course!

  8. Fabulous entry! Glad to come upon your blog here (via your visiting mine, thankee). My thirty seconds consisted of blackness and one thought- “you have a silent mind”. I believe my “silent mind” developed by spending tremendous time out in nature. Aye, aye, that peace is cruicial and makes all the difference, most indubitably! Excited to explore more on this groovy blog, and keep up with future posts! Cheers,

    Autumn Jade

    • aah,, thats way too impresive Jade. Wish i could achieve the same. My moment of peace comes only after 17 or 18 seconds… Nature is a wonderful gift by god and i try to spend time there. Duhh, i would, only if the busy schedule allow me to.
      Nearby city lake is my only source of fresh breathing and peace.
      thanks for visiting and taking time out.. 🙂

      • Haha, you will get there! Some of it may also be the fact that I rarely think in words- perhaps that makes it easier to calm my mind.

        Oooo then you might bring nature to you, and be able to perceive it’s stillness, beauty, and peace, when-ever you step out the door. Why even indoors I marvel at nature (let’s face it…I marvel any chance I get, it gets a bit ridiculous har har) just looking up from a book, noticing the way the light streams through a window and one can see the atomies dancing in the air, notice the shadows of flying sparrows run swiftly across the floor for just a moment as they flit by the window….oooo yes. Right, rambling, apologies! I may not be jabbering in my head, but as soon as the phalanges alight on the keyboard, oh my…another thing entirely 😉

        Hope you can swing by that lake sometime soon, even for a few dashed lovely moments! Ooo and then I can read about it in your blog and marvel and revel at it!


        Autumn Jade

  9. Good post, but just to expand a little working with kids with behavioural issues in an education setting I came up with the analogy many years ago that the mind is like a computer, but talked in terms of long and short term memory such as the slow hard drive and the quick RAM (or random access memory) used for calculations and problem solving.

    Using this idea it becomes clear that when you worry or have additional thoughts your RAM or working memory get’s used up much like a computers when running a virus leaving the amount of free working memory to concentrate on a task as being reduced.

    So the question is what anti virus software does someone need to run? Anti fear 1.2, worry relief 2.9, doubt removal 3.4, or perhaps as you suggest clear your head and relax 1.0.

  10. Really like this post. I’ve always wanted to learn to meditate, but can’t seem to get the hang of it. Then, I stop practicing more and more until I completely stop all over again. Smh.

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