Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

young boy , sea , sand

Far ahead, where i can see

It ate the sun, so vast is “SEA”

I have a  “prone to sunk” broken boat,

Accompanying  my wayward thoughts.

These marks i have left on the sand

soon they will dis appear

so will be the anxiety, and my fear.

i have a sea to cross..

but let me feel my feet first

it would be dark, till i reach,

because i have whales to face

and i have waves to breach,

the sand is dusty, path is rusty

but i am born to win..

i have a sea to swim..

18 thoughts on “Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

  1. If you are who you appear to be then “Heart Aroused by David Whyte applies. If you are not, then I need hyperlinks to explain in short. I have to go a bit long:

    The reason I liked your “rich appearing” friend before you is because Markov’s Chain popped in my head for no reason. I’m not smart enough to understand the equations. I don’t do drugs or drink, but I am you, born in a different time and place Same rabbit hole. I don’t know if this makes sense My head went into overload. I loved what I looked at and will hit your likes if that is what you crave. Freaking Kismet hit me again or the computer gods doing a matchmaking service, but I admit I am part sexist pig and rather get a paired with Circe. I’m starting to think the Matrix is real; maybe I did go nuts. Sorry for the length and crazy talk, but I mean no one any harm even the females who disprove in my sexist stuff if they knew the why. Thanks for the like, but I just want my puzzle to make sense. Likes may improve my PageRank, but I’m still not up to Markov’s game. If this makes a bit of sense make comment on my blog. I do like.

  2. Your “dis appear” allusion and link sent my mind spinning. Look for Dis in my blog and you might see why. “Dis” as in Dis Pater, the Roman god = rich father
    You also have the Dis, the fate goddesses or Kismet and my interesting research on Disney. See Kismet. A few other things set me off. Search engines use Markov Chains and I suspect that is the reason you landed on my post. Odd similarities improve the improbable odds. Sorry for the incoherent message. Look at he book I mentioned, if you didn’t already know about it.

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