Lets walk far…

walk in love

See you, I, over the bar,

With lust in my eyes and just in my attitude,

Passing signals like I was the stud of the bar,

With my Rolex watch and rolce car.

So as I offered a drink, sending in the bar guy,

There you looked in my eyes,

Straight and I know why,

I was into you and you were mine,

Or probably looking for options

Since you dumped number nine.

Listen me babe, I knew in your eyes,

There you have it,

A me, a you let’s give it a try.

You met me late or I grew a bit fast,

Whatever be the reason, won’t miss on now,

Walk together till we grow,

As old as grandparents,

So I will tell my kids,

Never shy away

From that girl in the bar,

Because that is the trick,

We have you all,

Lets grow in love and

Let’s walk far…

The Poor People

Today I got a text from a friend

And this is what it state,

“There is more fruit in a rich man’s shampoo,

Than in a poor man’s plate”

How disgusting this could be, only if we give it a thought.

So I decided to write about it, or at least give it a shot,

There are people dying of hunger,

While many of us plan to diet,

People are running on tread mill,

And some child is crying for a byte.

Didn’t want to make a rich-poor comparison

Read it once and comment your opinion

How poor is this world?

Are the rich really rich?

Poverty has a definition

And poor they are-

Some by money and some by soul,

Riches fly on same roads, where poor crawl.

Some are shivering, begging for food,

Some are flaunting- branded clothes,

But soul is nude.

What can I do, less money, all alone?

No one dies of hunger, whom I have known.

I wanted to tip that oldie, but I don’t have change

Donations calls come in, when I am out of range

Enough excuses or you have some more

It’s blame on you, nothing sweet, all sore

Now make an effort and look into ways

Throw some kindness, on their dark days.

No one else is going to do a thing

Let your inner soul shout

Charity begins from your home.

And every step counts.

Pearls Of Life…. (A Small Story)

Should i paint the canvas of life,

and the color of paint be color of “Joy”

living in the outskirts, my hero of the para, a 20 yrs boy.

They call him “chotu”, serving them tee…

His deeds are BIG, supporting familee…

haven’t seen a school, though he wanted to read books…

But abba’s drinking, the younger once, the money and other hooks…

They made him mature…. and over his age…

in last 8 year, he has seen a life passage…

so our “chotu” be strong… be the back of his mom..

he has a decision to make..don’t you wonder “why”

All i wish to GOD!!! to grant him some “Joy”



Should i tune the strings of guitar called life,

and the tune i generate, be the tune of “Romance”

Partying at night, a 27 yrs old boy,

my hero of the para, somewhere in France…

He just purposed a girl, and she has said “oweee”

The life charmed over, he feels so free..

holding hands, and hugging.. in a relation so dense..

its a new new feel, that he had,,, like a fragrance..

So, in the party lights, and drinks, he go on to dance..

All i want from GOD,, to bless his “Romance”



Should i sing the oprah of life…

and the vocal i raise, be the vocal of “Hope”

My hero of the para, running out of time, at 52, drop by drop..

He is no short of money, has his own home..

but the wife s no more, son is abroad, he is all alone..

with shaky eyes, all he want, is to see his son…

for one more time,, “I Love You Kid”, want to mention…

May the son make it in time, from that place in Europe..

All i want from GOD, to give him a ray of “Hope”



Should i be not writing this rhyme of life,

and this not be my rhyme…

The villain of the story, is me,

and this rhyme of mine…

The agony lay as under, and its pathetic for sure..

A “Father” needs “Hope” or a cure , to kidney failure..

The son is in France, a new love to lure..

Its “chotu” who could save the “Father”

selling kidney, make money, and be the family man…



Oh shit!! should i write ahead… it was not as i plan…

These were some pearls,or the colors of rainbow call life..

which i had to sew…

“Chotu” sell the kidney, or son give up the romance..

or its father , to give up the hope…

its a dilemma to decide… and i leave it up to you..

My day Blogging

It was a bright sunny day, and I wanted to rhyme,

Driving in style, little rash, as I was short on time.

Bike punctured, 5 km from office gate,

Boss was waiting, with files, as I was late


Murming, I went to the wash room,

And dusted off my dirty attire,

Come back and welcomed my boss’s satire,

“Learn to value time, wasting it is a crime”

I had to say sorry, all he said is, “Fine”


I scolded him quietly,

No voices in my horrifying shouts.

Well, after few irritating fights with excel cells,

I relaxed, to get over my boss’s yell.


Open my notepad, to write something cool,

Rolling me, my life, I feel like fool

I was unsure about what to write,

What a good topic can be,


I wanted to be funny and the topic is me,

What a wayward life it has been,

A girlfriend who always want time, disperse,

And no money for parents, which I can spare,

Clients are never happy, whatever I perform

I am in for a blunder, need major reform


So many issues, is there a fix?

Its time, once again, its dot on six

I fight with these thoughts, and look for a way

So I packed my bag and I was off for the day.

Traffic Control on your Mind

What is going on your mind right now?

Are you reading this blog post and thinking about something else?

What is the true function of mind and does it work for you, or you work for your mind?

These are the questions i keep pondering when ever i get a chance to chit chat with myself. Mind is a beautiful thing and the strongest organ in the human body. 90% of your body is your brain and remaining 10% are the other body parts. You may be cute , smart, strong, weak, tall or short, but it is your mind which is going to decide the heights of your achievements.

What is the true function of mind?

Think about it as a CPU to your computer. It is supposed to analyze the data, sort it is proper order and then order other units to process as per instructions. Now think about an old processing unit, say Pentium 3. The processing speed is down, data is piled up in abundance. Sorting is not proper. What will happen? obviously you can not expect very good results from such situation.

Mind Test

Close your eyes for 30 seconds and try to keep a count of every thought that comes to your mind. Be receptive and don’t try to block any thoughts. People when made to pass through this test will report a crowed place for complete 30 seconds. This crowd is of your thoughts. Vague thoughts running from here to there.

What to do?

While these thoughts are attacking your mind, wait for this one moment, where you experience an emptiness. It will come for sure, but the time of its arrival is uncertain. Keep repeating the test every day, till you start to experience this emptiness much quickly. the crowd is the unsorted data, and this one blank moment is your PEACE. When you are at peace with your self, you will start to control your mind. Its processing speed will increase much more and you will see the difference in your daily working.

What happens if you don’t control your mind?

Mind is a good servant but a bad master. If in order, it will help your world become a better place. But if you let it control your body, then the uncontrollable powers will become destructive.  Result of mind’s reaction on body are your EMOTIONS. Its the Buddha philosophy to be equal to all your thoughts. situation of “No Anger” can be achieved with a state of “No Excitement“.

It does not mean that you stop to enjoy life . It simply means that you look towards the big prospective and not the small picture. That way you can feel the  peace of eternity.

my obstinacy….

my obstinacy….

Forgive me for not reading you of late.

I have been wrestling,

resisting all that I am.

Don’t think, I’m not true.

I am.

How could I ever deny what your words make me feel?

Responses to my obstinacy….

  1. fight well,, and hail,,,,
    make your troubles sail..
    one punch here and one punch there,,
    show them who you are,, don’t they dare..
    Don’t let them cover,, with dark shade..
    Keep resisting, whats your made..
    with you there,, in every hassle..
    Don’t ever stop… stay on… WRESTLE… :)

Trying to Rhyme… ;)

Trying so hard, working to rhyme,

looks like my mind isn’t working fine

Coz, i used to do it better ,

I even rap in some of my letter

and now its so gone, like a thorn

from  a king, of Troy, or Rome.

No big words, My writing stinks,

Chorus is bad, mood is pink

less likes on the blog, No visits , No follow

No appreciative comments, for days to glow

Up till last autumn, few girl were impressed,

now ever friends don’t stop, i am depressed

Please Please Please, Help!!  oh mighty thy,

give me some sense to rhyme or i start to cry

Its my only way to impress some chick,

else i will die, single, no one to pick

Money comes later, i have none of it,

Please help me rhyme,

At least one of it!!!


Sea to Cross.. (my tribute to friends)

young boy , sea , sand

Far ahead, where i can see

It ate the sun, so vast is “SEA”

I have a  “prone to sunk” broken boat,

Accompanying  my wayward thoughts.

These marks i have left on the sand

soon they will dis appear

so will be the anxiety, and my fear.

i have a sea to cross..

but let me feel my feet first

it would be dark, till i reach,

because i have whales to face

and i have waves to breach,

the sand is dusty, path is rusty

but i am born to win..

i have a sea to swim..