Drunkard who surrendered…

As i peep through my window,
laying like a body..
on road, flatter
i see the punk,
was a smart ass, now shattered
yeah he surrender..
yeah he surrender..

oh yeah!!
den it laughed at him..
his fate… a comic destinee…
as it raged through the veins..
jst gazed, was jaded wid strain..
like a mistereee…
no punk..its free..
the pain…
oh shit !! the man is insane…
i hve seen him
rolling on the roads..
drunk.. no money..
think, he was robbed..
buzz… doesnt even matter…
coz he surrender…
coz he surrender…

Night eats you and your love fade in dawn and pain is gone. Here is my personal favorite, took me just 2 mins to compose but i guess, some thing your don’t create, they are just sent into you. Do read “Victims of dark”


17 thoughts on “Drunkard who surrendered…

  1. As I read your words, I could not help but be transported back to a time when I was that drunkard. Fortunately, I never totally surrendered or I would not be here today. As the saying goes “There but for the grace of God, go I”. Very nice writing and I look forward to reading more of it.

  2. Hi Rishabh,…..thanks for the “like” re: my post “Be Encouraged! – God is still God No Matter the Situation”………..for me, that is a truth that helps me keep sane in this unpredictable life………blessings!……..Kim

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