Thanks Giving 2012

To start With: Its been a over a year since i started this blog, and probably is the time when i could say that i have started to understand how it works here on WordPress. Journey has been wonderful and amazing people have been added to my community of fellow bloggers. The report 2012 compiled by these wonderful people working in the back end of WordPress shows that i have a wonderful stay blogging here. 

My achievement: I was seriously overwhelmed when the number of Likes crossed 100, and than the Followers just started coming. I can literally remember the day when the Total visits crossed 500 on a single day (And also when it died at 497 a few days prior). Page views have now crossed 23000 and also the likes and follows, but than i realized that these were just the numbers. What i really earned from WordPress were the community of Bloggers who have showered their love and blessing with their constant presence over my blog.

For Award Nominations: I was lazy enough to ever have complied with any of the award’s requirement. But it does not in any ways undermines my courtesy towards the sweet and nice people who found me worthy enough to nominate me for an award. 

Gratitude: I have done is earlier and i would like to do it here again, to thank the beautiful people who came and appreciated every post with their interpretation  when i myself was confused as to what i wanted to convey. 😉 On the other side i envy, many a times scrolling through their WordPress Site. Its the beauty of expression and precision with which they present their thought. 

One Wish: Little would i have asked, after a more than expected response to my poetry work, but one thing. And that thing is to be on the Freshly Pressed Page.Wonderful is the reading we get there, and makes me aspire as to when i will be able to publish some thing of that quality which would take me there, right on the top of Freshly Pressed Page.

5 thoughts on “Thanks Giving 2012

  1. Just consider your posts “freshly pressed” everyday by your dedicated readers! I try and read most posts of blogs that I follow for those folks who follow me. I’m picking up new followers everyday and you did too. Don’t get too caught up in the ‘freshly pressed’ bizz. It’s nice for traffic, but posting is a very personal thing, especially when your posting poetry. I haven’t been here long, but poetry is not popular on the freshly pressed pages. I saw a blog freshly pressed the other day with only 3 posts that started just last month. There is no rhyme to the reason for it. I know there are millions of bloggers who have been blogging for years and have never been freshly pressed. They do the same thing on other blog sites like MSN, blogger, etc.

  2. Thank you, Rish, for visiting my blog and offering your support. Gratefulness is such a gift. I did enjoy this way to see your journey. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

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