Crying in the Rain

What is being happy all about?

Who among us is in pain?

I have seen the rich crying,

Some poor laugh insane.

To laugh is not to be happy,

Pain sometimes makes you smile.

It’s something other, so special,

God and his unique style.

Comedians, they make us all, to laugh,

It’s a side of them, which covers the part.

Why is it, that the one with so many friends,

He is often the one, is often lonely at heart.

It’s a virtue which, the best comedians had,

They made us laugh, even when they were sad.

Best jokers were mindful, they were sane,

Had it not been true, why Charlie would had said,

That he liked to cry in rain.

Tears, they don’t follow a trend,

We cry at our best moments, nothing bad,

And we laugh out really hard,

When our heart is opposing, actually sad

What is it, then, means to be happy,

How is it feels to be esthetic?

May be it’s, about been in love,

May be its, to have fame,

May be a good job, or family,

Confused, is the nature of game.

Whatever it may be, Glory or the pain

It surely must be worth crying in the rain.

23 thoughts on “Crying in the Rain

  1. Great poem. So much of modern culture is geared towards “being Happy” yet is it truly attainable? Maybe the goal should not be the pursuit of happiness but the pursuit of peace. Again, thanks for your poem – keep posting!

  2. This is so beautifully written and touched my heart, I spent many years feeling this same way. smiling on the outside lost and sad and lonely on the inside, always searching for that one thing that would make me happy, though I had every “thing” I ever wanted I could never find true joy. I do know true joy now, life is still a mess at times but truly joyful and peaceful now.
    in answer to this question, you put in your poem
    What is it, then, means to be happy,
    How is it feels to be esthetic?
    It is knowing what I need can never be bought with money and can never given to me by another person. I do not ever put links on peoples blogs this is the first time I ever have done this so if you do not like links please accept my apologies it is just that my answer is in a poem I wrote a this past Feb when I figured out where my own joy came from, though I never say His name in the poem His name is Jesus . My poems are quite amateurish compared to yours. The link is –> Have a great day and thanks again for sharing your wonderful poetry!

  3. I consider myself happy person. Awakened person. Enlightened person. But i cry often.
    When I proposed my lover marriage and she accepted it I drunk a lot for a week. One night I laughed, kicked and screamed out of happiness, and at the same time felt the pain of separation, ’cause I knew this is gonna be crazy wedding and crazy life from now on, or we just gonna part soon.

    Her boyfriend came back from other country recently, I dumped her although we were never officially together…

    You can feel very different feeling at the same time. Like when you vomit, you feel sick but after a while you throw up and feel relieved. Crying is similar. You feel emotional pain, you cry and that makes you relieved, happy again.

    Do not hold your feelings inside even if it’d mean that others see you as insane person. It’s safer for your body not to stick to any strong feelings. Just let go and cry…


  4. Rish,
    still sad from your last
    response-in tears
    sometimes there is no word
    a feeling
    ripens itself, asking lost questions
    crying, smiling
    lost get’s found
    being found, finding joy

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